• Lioness Attacks Crocodile to Protect Pride and Cubs

    July 27, 2012 8:26 am 3 comments
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  • A brave lioness attacked a full grown Nile crocodile to protect her pride from the ferocious beast.  And it was all caught on camera.

    Lioness Attacks Crocodile

    The ordeal started when the pride of lions needed to cross a riverbed in Botswana.  The lioness immediately noticed that a crocodile was lurking closer to her pride, which included her cubs.  Without hesitation, the brave momma sprang into action and put her life on the line for her family.

    The crocodile appeared shocked and confused by the sudden power of the lioness, but quickly fought back.  The talented photographer who caught these moments on tape reveals it all transpired so quickly, she didn’t even realize what she had caught at first.  When developing the images, she then realized just how brave the mother was in protecting her pride.

    The lioness managed to escape with only a cut to her upper lip and the crocodile suffered a major blow to its ego.



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