• Netherlands Women’s Olympic Field Hockey Team and Others Prove God is Good

    July 30, 2012 8:18 pm 29 comments
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  • My friends, God is good all the time and all the time God is good. When God reached his mighty hands down from heaven, in the Garden of Eden, he said, “Let there be a man in my image.” And that man he named Adam, and Adam said, “God, you can do better! Give me something good!” And that’s what God did. He created unto Adam a helpmeet, yes he did. And that helpmeet was named WOMAN.

    And it is with great joy that women have made the 2012 Olympics very good. 6,000 years into the running, and we see the glory of God with every step their tight, toned muscles make and baby-making hips shake. Ain’t God good? Behold:

    Women's hockey team from Netherlands - the best looking team?

    God is good for creating all 15 members of the Netherlands women’s Olympic field hockey team.  Look at how he has crafted them into unwifely perfection, their flat bellies and perked mammalian milk factories giving us sweet dreams tonight.

    And look at God’s glory.  Who else but a perfect God could have crafted the beautiful Brazilian volleyball team.  Look at the perfection of Jacque with her backside to us, yes.   The miracle taking place is not the result of a random Big Bang!  No, it is not!  It is the work of a perfect creator.

    My friends, God is good all the time.  And believe me, all the time God is good.  Blessings and let’s keep enjoying the skills of these Olympians.

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