• Nude Snooki Pics While Pregnant

    July 10, 2012 9:40 pm 2 comments
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  • Snooki has leaked pictures of herself taking Myspace angled shots and duckfaces, all while pregnant. The leaked nude Snooki pictures will not be found here because they are immoral! I am just wanting to address the issue to all you young ladies out there: why can’t you be moral and keep your clothings on?

    It’s bad enough that young women are getting pregnant without being married and enrolling all their kids in Obamacare, but this entire Snooki mess really takes the cake. Snooki needs to put her clothes back on, marry whoever put that sinchild in her and learn how to be a good mother.

    Instead, she’s out doing all this Lohan scandals and trying to play like it is ‘oopsies’ time. I saw a picture of this Snooki without any makeup on several months ago and thought that she could be a beautiful, wholesome young lady. Now that I’ve seen heard about these nude Snooki pictures, my interpretation of everything has changed.

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