• Obamacare Introduces $3 Pregnancy Tests

    July 26, 2012 12:57 pm 2 comments
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  • Barack Hussein Obama has once again found a way to corrupt our youth.  Today, he’s announced a $3 pregnancy test that is sancti0ned by the FDA and being sold at bars, colleges and high school vending machines.

    Simply called the $3 pregnancy tests that always show positive, these tests are rigged with the DNA juices of a pregnant woman and activate as ‘blue’ on contact with urine of a post-coital woman.  It does not matter if the woman is pregnant or not, as long as a male’s DNA is mixed in with the woman’s urine sample, the test will show positive.  This means whoever buys the test does not even need to tinkle on it to get it to work.  It works straight out the box and even worse, per Obamacare, “qualifies as an official medical examination that gives diagnosis of pregnancy, and therefore, qualifies the owner for foodstamps, government housing and Obamacare”.

    Dive bars in Minnesota have already started to sell the tests to drunken women at 1:57 am for a ‘happy minutes’ price, the time when desperate people at the bar ‘probably are going home to do something they will regret the next day’.  Though locals in many cities think it’s horrible and will force an increase in state welfare spending, they are powerless to do anything against the long reach of Obama’s vested federal power.

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