• S.W.A.G. = Someone Who Admires God, And Other Things Atheism Has Stolen from Christians

    July 15, 2012 2:05 am 53 comments
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    Mike Watson


    S.W.A.G. = Someone Who Admires God, and Other Things Atheism Has Stolen from Christians

    S.W.A.G.  Today, atheists, black danger gangsters and delusional teeny-boppers think this term means glittery clothing, fancy cars, diamond rings and blingady-blingady.  But as we Christians know, these are all superficial, removable things.  Like many terms and concepts first created by Chrsitians, the term swag has been Bogarted by Godless people.  Like they’ve done so many times in our history, they try to steal concepts from our Christian philosophers and Godly lifestyles and make them of Satan.

    Today, let’s take a look at many things that you may not know were created by Christians.  The origins and true usage of these things will enrich your life and give you something neat-o to teach your friends about.

    1.  S.W.A.G.

    King David of the Bible has S.W.A.G. parties. The Bible mentions he praised God with trumpets, harps and with dance. Dance and music are two other things invented by God, for Christians. Are you someone who admires God? If so, you can praise him with song and dance.

    King David of the Bible had S.W.A.G. parties.  The Bible mentions he praised God with trumpets, harps and with dance.  Everyone would dress up in their best clothes, kick off their shoes and give God all the praise at his parties.

    Dance and music are two other things invented by God, for Christians.  Are you someone who admires God?  If so, you can praise him with song and dance.

    The next time someone says they have ‘S.W.A.G.’, remember to ask them, “So, are you someone who admires God”?

    If they say no, condemn them and call them a ‘hypocrite’.

    2.  Science

    The Earth was created 6,000 years ago.  The scientific proof for this is rather simple:

    “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” – Genesis 1:1

    While Earth was firmed up about 6,000 years ago, the universe may be much older than that.  The Bible has made these points abundantly clear for those who have studied to show themselves approved unto God.

    Atheists will immediately snarl and get angry about this claim, because it violated their religion’s primary dogma that if man cannot test it, see it, hear it, smell it, feel it, or taste it, it just must not exist.  Atheists believe that if mankind’s limited scope of 5 senses cannot figure something out, it is simply ‘illogical and silly’.

    Prophet Tilden Massah

    Sure, there is physical proof of God’s power.  But with faith, we don’t need to bother with all that stuff.   – Prophet Tilden Massah

    Atheists love to put God in a box of their own limitations and they can only do that by stealing science from Christians.  The Bible says:

    Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”

    By faith, my friends, by faith we Christians know science.  We know that all that God is and can do is not seen to us.  We understand that there is a world of possibility, beyond what is tangible for our physical touch or abstract conception.  These truths are the tenets of our faith and the aspect of science atheists have missed in their greedy, hasty attempt to claim it for their own.

    3.  All Holidays (HOLYdays)

    Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day.  All these holydays and many more are the invention of Christians. Let’s look at the most converted to evil, Halloween.

    Halloween: This great day was first celebrated in the city of Wasallia, Transylvania. There used to be an evil, bloodthirsty atheist that lived there. His named was Vlad Tepes, who is also known as Count Dracula. In American, Count Dracula means the Black Veiled Dragon Bride of Satan.

    To confirm his bond with Satan, Count Dracula used to hunt down the children of Christians and drink their innocent blood. His followers, called vampires (children of bloody evil), used to help him hunt Christians. One day, a brave Christian named Ichabod Crane Ween formed a militia and used the power of God to completely destroy the armies of Count Dracula. The Christians stuffed blessed bricks into the mouth of the vampire people and buried them so they could never come back. Ichabod Crane Ween died in the battle against evil, but his angel was seen flying to the sky and passed out heavenly candy to all the children to let them know that all would be okay.

    In celebration, everyone dressed up as angels and walked around to give each other candy. This yearly celebration of (Halo Ween) commemorates the day Saint Crane Ween earned his halo and made Transylvania a safe home for Christians.

    5.  Music and Dance

    Music is the creation of God. In Heaven, Satan was created as the Minister of Music. He was given great musical talents before he became to smug and started making songs to praise himself.   This was wrong, because God created all musical concepts:  harmonics, rhythm, drum and bass, electronica, the drop (that dubsteppers stole from Christians), guitars and even rapped lyrics.

    When used by a Christian, you can immediately see that music and dance is supposed to be for use by Christians to worship God.  When it is used to lure women into the backseat of a car or to give people Satanic powers, as we’ve proven many times, it only serves to celebrate the devil.

    Look at this great song that shows how God meant for rap music to be used when he invented it.

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