• Satan worship band The Used are poisoning your children’s ears

    July 12, 2012 11:02 pm 58 comments
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    The Used. Bert (middle)


    This is an important alert! All members of the screamo band The Used are known Satan worshipping homo gays! 

    The lead singer, Bert McCrackhead (pictured middle), frequently takes part in evil sodomy with Quinn Allgay (the guitarist) and Jerard Gay from My Chemical Romance. He touches his private parts on stage and then lures innocent boys and girls into his rape cave after the show, spreading his Aids to all of America’s unsuspecting youth.


    Bert and Quinn

    (Bert and Quinn being homo)

    Don’t be fooled by McCrackhead’s fancy words and poetry, his lyrics are really telling teenagers to commit suicide, drink alcohol, take drugs, and submit to poopy tube penetration.

    Do not, I repeat, do not let your child have anything to do with this band! It will ruin their life! 

    Bert McCrackhead was raised in a good Mormon home, but then when he turned 16 he became friends with a drug dealer who gave him meth and heroin. After his parents caught him injecting into his veins, they kicked him out onto the streets. No one wants to have a drug taker as a son!

    Then Quinn Allgay found him and asked him to be the lead singer of his Satan worshipping cult band, which McCrackhead agreed to. That is how The Used formed. 

    Bert met Jerard Gay at the sinful Warped Tour festival and they started dating and engaging in sinful homosexual practises.

    Bert and Jerard

    (Bert and Jerard Gay)



    Bert McCrackhead is now even trying to become a chef to poison everyone and hide his gay germs in the food!

    The most important thing you can do this summer is keep to your children safe from them!


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