• Skrillex Is Going To Rape Children.

    July 16, 2012 2:50 am 30 comments
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    Yesterday at the annual cult meeting of unemployed virgins and drug-addicted comic book collectors known as “Comic Con”, it was announced to much sinful fanfare that Skrillex will be raping several thousand children this upcoming year, with his work in the new Disney film “Wreck-It Ralph.”

    Disgusting homosexual dubstep fans around the country rejoiced at this news, because it is now possible for them to potentially masturbate inside of a movie theater. Gay rape rates skyrocketed to 56% with San Diego being hit the hardest. Over several hundred dubstep fans took to the internet to boast about how this revelation turned them into homosexuals.

    This despicable act by Disney should come as no surprise, as the Walt Disney Co. has a long history of being perverted God-haters who want to harm children; in the 90’s there were a string of sexually explicit themes and images worked into the covers of Disney films. Penises on the cover of “The Little Mermaid” and the word “sex” written into the night sky in “The Lion King” warped many a young child’s mind. This caused a generation of young children to grow up as gayhomo’s who eventually became fans of dubstep.

    (Skrillex with a sly smile, obviously after making a young boy’s “booty pop.”)

    Skrillex’s thirst for corrupting and raping the flesh of innocent youngsters once again rears its ugly head. It’s well known that he employs a variety of “rape vans” in order to maintan his fanbase, and according to exclusive interviews, when he is on tour he names his dressing room “My ass”, which It’s commonplace for him to lust for the sweet nectar of tender children; his videos often contain twisted proclamations of his inclination for sexual intercourse with under aged persons.

    In “Bangarang” an obese ice cream truck driver (a metaphor for Skrillex’s expanding fame and ego) attempts to stick his penis into the buttocks of young, drug using orphaned children, also known as “Lost boys.” The video for “First of the Year” features Skrillex in a bald cap, stalking a young girl down an alleyway, all the while nursing an erection inside of his trousers. His meat bulge pulsates in beat with the music. Both of these videos have a clear message – Skrillex enjoys having sex with young boys and girls, and will stop at nothing to rape them, in order to make his music more “filthy.” Dubstep music often uses the term “filthy” to refer to how sexually perverted the song is – in Skrillex’s case a majority of his songs are “filthy” because they contribute to the rape of children and youth.

    “Wreck It Ralph” is slang uttered by enthusiastic gayhomo “bottoms” that encourage multiple men to have sex with their anuses, often unprotected. In typical Disney fashion, they have attempted to “reclaim” this homosexual phrase and appropriate it into something that is “family friendly.” Adding Skrillex to the mix only ensures that tens of thousands of children will be raped at his hands. It’s important that you protect your child from dubstep fans and their ilk because they will try to force your children to taste the “grime” of their taint.  

    Please join with me in boycotting Disney and “Wreck It Ralph” in addition to homosexual rape mongerer, Skrillex.

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