• Top 5 Things Romney Should Say to the NAACP

    July 11, 2012 3:09 pm 85 comments
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  • 1.  Get a job

    There is no better icebreaker for Mitt Romney than letting his stance be known.  Romney needs to be honest and stop beating around the Bush.  NAACP, tell your people to get a job.

    America cannot afford to give free healthcare, food and housing to people who don’t want to work.  If your community commonly features young women who take it as a rite of passage to have a baby-daddy by age 15, you have a problem.  I’m not racist, I’m just saying that there is a problem with teenage pregnancy and one-home mothers in the black community.

    The NAACP should realize that a young woman living in a welfare project, who has a baby by age 16 cannot advance far in life, in most circumstances.  She will keep getting pregnant by irrepsonsible young men who run the streets faster than they run away from their responsibilities.  Until the focal goal of the inner-city black community becomes, “Get a job and earn success in life”, and not, “Oh well, I’ll sign up for welfare just like my momma and her momma did before her”, the NAACP will not see great strides in advancement for ‘their’ people.

    2. Stop naming things the NAACP, BET, Ebony, Congressional Black Caucaus, etc.,

    If you want race equality, stop beating everyone over the head with your ‘differences’.  Yes, Mitt Romney knows you are black.  Everyone knows what black skin looks like.  Why is there still a United Negro College Fund?  If I walked up the street and greeted the first black person I saw with, “Howdy, Negro!”, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would mudstomp a riot on my front lawn by tomorrow.  So why is an educational college fund still using that name?  And why should only ‘negroes’ get access to it?

    Furthermore, what’s the deal with these Historical Black Colleges?  Martin Luther King, Jr., fought for racial equality and died defending his dream of integration.  Say what you want, but Republican Christian Abraham Lincoln earned many murderous enemies by signing the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Continually creating institutions that focus on your ‘blackness’ and alienating other races will only set you back.  Why don’t you get off the affirmative action mindset and realize the year is 2012?  You don’t need to be coddled anymore.

    3.  Baggy Pants is an established prison signal for homosexual invites

    The lesson above is pretty self explanatory and Mitt Romney can put it in powerpoint form.  This image should be the opening shot of ‘BlackPeopleMeet.com’ or at least show up on http://McDonalds365.com.

    Why I cannot go to the mall or even take a walk without seeing some young oblivious wanna-be prison bottom-boys showing off their boxers is beyond me.  What’s even more ridiculous is that young black men who wear their clothing fitted and not sagging are mocked and ridiculed.  Some NBA players are trying to break this ‘prison mentality’ artifact by dressing like hipsters, but that’s honestly not that much better.

    And really, when even church going blacks are doing this, you really do have a household issue to address in your ‘community’.

    4.  Enunciate

    During the 1990s, it became apparent that there was a major cultural shift in America’s ‘black community’. There was a new language called ‘ebonics’ and some black scholars were actually trying to make the language an official, recognized thing.

    Saying things like:

    “Can you don’t rush me.”  “I axed for it.”  “I ain’t done did nothing.”  “Why you lookin’ at me fo'”  “Fo shizzle rizzle, ya know what I’m saying.  Ya feel me.”  were all slated to become a part of America’s glossary of acceptable phrases.

    And that’s the problem.  Improperly using English, teaching your kids to do the same and then crying foul when they get their butts kicked on standardized testing by every other race is ridiculous.  Black kids are falling behind in education because their parents and groups like the NAACP are not teaching them to enunciate.

    If you hear a black kid using a wrong conjugation or mumbling, tell them to knock it off.  Don’t let them continually speak like an idiot and embrace a culture where acting ‘black’ means not speaking proper English, not doing well in math or science and texting your friends all day in school, instead of pulling your head out of your butt and realizing college is your most likely route to success.

    5.  Black Men, Be a Father

    If you are old enough to lay a woman down, thrust into her until you spill your seed and have a baby pop out nine months later, then you are probably old enough to realize that child needs support to grow and thrive in life.  Apparently, black men are not getting this memo.

    Mitt Romney needs to tell black men to stop making 20 babies with 10 different women and learn how to be family men again.  Don’t be mad at me for seeing it, NAACP.  Instead, look at the facts.  Nearly 70% of all black kids are born to single mother homes.

    When the good majority of these homes are impoverished and dependent on the government’s teet of socialist liberalism, the kids are not being shown a good, strong incentive for work.  Sure, some break the mold.  You can be guaranteed that every black NBA mother and rap-mogul’s mother is living in a big, fat mansion that none of us normal folks could ever afford.

    But beyond those outliers, how many black young women will repeat their single-home mother’s life and get pregnant, be left by the baby-daddy and find herself with five kids months later.  How many of those little black bys will grow up to be irresponsible fathers or in jail.  There is a major problem there.  Supporting Obamacare and being scared to address the issue will not fix the problem.



    For those of you who don’t know, the NAACP is a group of powerful blacks who control a good majority of media and business in this country.  They own everything from the NBA (ever notice how they never give white people or even Asians a chance to play), have placed one of their operatives in the White House and are attempting to create more black-only tv channels (OWN, BET, The WB, CW and TruTV).

    It should come as no surprise that the NAACP stands for Nation of Afro’d American Color People.  They dream of an America where they force all white people back to Europe and just use all our hard earned Godly riches and military power for their own agenda.

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