• Two New Teaser Trailers for Superman Man of Steel HD Spoilers

    July 21, 2012 6:59 pm 5 comments
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  • The scarlet S on the chest stands for Supersin.

    Superman is the ultimate story of a magical ‘savior’ who tries to one up Jesus with all sorts of fantastical powers like eye laser, superbreath and flying all over the place. Like all of that is possible!

    He even raised himself from the dead! Like that is possible for anyone but the Son of God!

    Despite all this, Superman “The Man of Steel” is slated to be a summer blockbuster for next year and in each of the trailers, you can see the movie is a visual treat. The directors are tantilzizing everyone to think Jesus is not so awesome compared to this ‘Superman’. And it is in 3d!

    In this first trailer, ‘Pa Kent’ adopts Superman and tries to raise him to be a Christian. If Superman will but put on a golden kryptonite ring of promise, he shall renounce the evil Kryptonian that courses his blood and makes him a false god. Will Superman do this or shall he become a tempter of supersin.

    So as we can see, the boy refuses his Christian father’s teaching and embraces instead that of Satan, or as the movie calls him, Jor-El. Jor-el is the Kawachi Jewish word for “the god of the snakes”. Instead of correctly teaching that the slithering symbol on his chest is a mark of shame and scorn, the Jor-El teaches that he is superior to the will of God, for all men to to have fancy powers and think they are mighty.

    These teasers show DC’s dedication to offending Christians with all these high-end, thrilling summer blockbusters. With all the special effects and publicity going into this movie, I bet it decreases faith by 20% nationwide!

    And I can’t think of any supersin greater than that!

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