• Update: Target Stores are Homosexualizing our Precious Youth

    July 16, 2012 8:31 pm 40 comments
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    Cassidy Pen

    Previously, I have alerted the moral world of the hideous anti-God policies of the now-satanist retail giant, Target, Inc. after they initiated a youth recruitment program by selling homogay pride shirts.  This article can be referenced by steering your googler to “Target Stores are Homosexualizing our Precious Youth” at this url: http://christwire.org/2012/06/target-stores-are-homosexualizing-our-precious-youth/.

    I have an update and it’s not good news for the moral minded among us.  Target, Inc has now begun selling homgay greeting cards aimed at same-sexed couples: http://www.startribune.com/business/162418136.html. This action has left righteous Americans stunned at the depth of depravity Target has fallen to. Homogay sodomy is now so entrenched in mainstream America that a moral person can no longer let their wives and children out of the house to do some “innocent” shopping.  The reason for this is simple.  There is nothing innocent about an America that allows for sin and decadence to take over all aspects of life and this “new liberalism” is now on display at the Target Store in your hometown.  There is no longer an excuse for allowing your sons and daughters to run off to the Target Store in the Mall while you sit chatting with your wife in the food court enjoying a Panda Express entree with unlimited soft drink refills.  Yes, America…it’s time to wake up and realize that the Target Anchor store is literally an “anchor” dragging society down to a burning hell reality of shocking sexual decay.

    Indeed, as I write this, streams of rainbow-colored sodomites are descending upon Target stores hoping to catch a lost child alone appraising the spiderman action figure display in the toy section or longing for an ICEE™ Brand frozen slush puppy treat. These children are soon to be kidnapped and subjected to fiendish anal blasting and twiddle-dink puffing of a most unsettling sort.  Your child’s innocent tender orifice will be victimized by these sodomites because they hunt like animals and will stop at nothing to homosexualize your sons and daughters. I shudder to think of how traumatized these children will become after being abducted just because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It is the duty of every God-loving American to nib this travesty in the budds.

    For the sake of our children, please click on the previous article and read about what a God-fearing American can do to stop these animals and punish Target, Inc. for their anti-Christian actions.

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