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  • Porn and Racy Photos are Being Sent to your kids by Facebook


    By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chris†wire> With 800 million members and climbing Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook’s internal security has lost control of the massive Facebook empire. The irony of this complete failure on Facebook’s part is not that Zuckerburg got his $20 billion dollar pay-out only now to be caught up in the Facebook IPO scandal, but the fact that Facebook aggressively claims it works hard to keep Facebook a safe social-networking site. Just over 24 hours ago the company was caught sending pornography to one of its 800 million users… me.

    Ever wonder why Facebook doesn’t charge its members? If they charged us for the service then we’d have a right to complain about the service. That’s why you and I cannot contact anyone at this out-of-control social media abomination when you have questions, or after the company suspends your account without notice as to why they are taking the action. So its free, except to advertisers and those companies Zuckerburg whores out our personal data too.

    But as a man of the cloth I believe that people are accountable for their actions, even rich Mark Zuckerburg. Twenty-four hours ago I received a security notice from Facebook asking me to identify photos of “my” friends. I was pleased to do so knowing that the company, I assumed, was just watching out for us users… but I was wrong.

    Of the 9 photos Facebook asked me to identify not one was of any of my friends. One image was a full frontal nude of a male wearing a trench coat “flashing” the camera. Another was of an object, which no one could put a name to. I cannot contact the corporation to report this incident, why? Remember we don’t pay for the service and Zuckerburg does not give a damn what goes on, on Facebook, now that he’s had his big payday from his IPO scandal.

    Today the same pop up window appeared when I attempted to log on again. I only viewed two pages or 6 images before cancelling their game. The screenshot of page 2 which appears with this story you can see one image is of Jesus Christ, though His name did not appear as an option for me to ID Him.

    The 2nd image is of a pair of tits, but no face appeared for me to ID, had I actually known the female subject in the photo. And the 3rd image was of a building that appeared to have been built in the 19th century. Obviously I wasn’t around in the 19th century and have no clue what or where the building actually is. Why doesn’t Facebook send me actual photos of friends so I’d at least have the opportunity to pass their security check?

    If Facebook is so out-of-control that they’d send me, a reverend, pornography followed by a racy shot of a woman’s cleavage asking me to ID the owner of the tits, then I am strongly compelled & duty bound to warn the public. Facebook management has no clue what they send you & I to ID for security reasons. That means Facebook has no clue when they send pornography to our children to ID for the same reason.

    I emailed Facebook Security this morning to report the matter. So far there has been no reply. But my account remains blocked and when I attempt to log in the pop-up window to dirty pictures comes up every time now. I’d say Facebook has stacked the deck in their favor and force people to play their porn game to get control back over their accounts… a cyber blackmail to say the least. A game Facebook plays knowing it can never loose.

    Shielded from its own users Facebook has insulated itself from the public and therefore has degraded into a popular social networking site that has become inundated with dangerous pornographic images that Zuckerburg has no qualms about exposing young, innocent children to. Facebook is just another website promoting smut & perversion. Facebook’s EPIC FAIL is that through its own popularity it has lost control and fallen to the depths of being little more than a site filled with pornography and pedophiles.

    If your child has a Facebook account due caution is strongly advised.

    Rev. Billy Ray Sunday


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    About The Author
    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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