• What ‘Black Veil Brides’ stands for.

    July 10, 2012 2:53 pm 28 comments
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    When I first saw this website I thought it was great. But then I saw some articles about Black Veil Brides. In those articles it was saying Black Veil Brides (And other rock/scream-o bands) was satanic and was worshiping satan. But I dont think it’s true. When I saw a video called ‘Fallen Angels’ people said it was about satan but it wasnt. That song was saying be yourself, Not anyone else, Not a copy, Be original. ‘Savior’ was about your not alone, your not in pain alone, theres people who love you, You will always have a savior for you. ‘Rebel Love Song’ is about love will last forever, nobody can break love. ‘Knifes And Pens’ is about what Andy went through as a kid, He went through bullying, Emotional, and physical. People on here is supposed to be christian but everyone on here is judging people. Jesus didnt judge. But you all are. You all are dissapointing Jesus. Im christian but im not standing for judging and calling people names and labeling them. Im not perfect. Everyones not perfect. Your not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Trying to change doesnt help. But if you be yourself and never change that means your perfect.

    Im problably going to be hated on this website for saying what I said but im telling the truth.

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    Skylar Hi im Skylar. I only joined to help this website because I saw this website judge a man that was judged as a kid his name is Andy Biersack.

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