• Why Do Cats Purr?

    July 29, 2012 3:47 pm 55 comments
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  • Every year in the United States, over 1.2 million people are mauled by cats.  Cat bites are dangerous and can are very deadly.   If you or a loved one live near a cat, it is of paramount importance to always be alert and prepared for conflict.

    Cat bites are associated with higher risk of infection.  Unlike dogs, cats possess a snakelike array of teeth that are sharp, needlike daggers of death.  The teeth penetrate deep muscle of victims, directly injecting lethal doses of toxic bacteria into the body and bloodstream of innocent victims.  Human babies are at highest risk of cat bite death (CBD) due to their soft, veal-like muscle and scent of milk.

    Cats will secretly bite a human baby to get a taste of blood, then smother the child over the mouth to get a taste of milk and also silence the victim until oxygen deprivation causes a near sleep state.  The cats with then go back to the puncture wound and lick clean the remaining blood to get one more taste and cause the skin to close up around the wound, hiding the truth from the adults in the house.

    This leads to many bacterial infections and cases of sepsis seen in infants and toddlers.  They cannot communicate the horrors cats do to them behind closed doors, when everyone has stepped away for but a few moments.

    Cats are also very seductive, using their purr to cause a sense of trust to be aroused.  But the only thing that should be aroused by a cat’s purr is panic and fear.  Cats are incapable of feeling love.  They are incapable of feeling complete gratitude.

    If you think otherwise, try a simple experiment.  Give your cat a belly rub and a rub on its flank and hind quarters.  At some point, no matter how long you’ve owned it, it was purr and then bite you.  It will never fail.

    Purrs are actually the sound a cat’s heart makes when it speeds up.  There is a saying in the old mechanic’s world, “The engine is purring like a kitten.”  This saying comes from old knowledge that a cat’s heart operates much like a rugged v8 engine:  hot, mean and vocal.  It always burns so hot with rage and primal instinct that it creates a purring noise, just like a throttling engine.  It is just waiting to rev up and send the cat hurtling at one of your exposed veins or flesh.

    If you find yourself victimized by a cat bite, please think clearly and remember the following:

    • Time and location of bite
    • Health status of cat, rabies vaccination history, behavior, whereabouts, etc.
    • Circumstances surrounding the bite (ie, provoked or defensive bite versus unprovoked bite)
    • Location of all bites
    • Patient’s medical history

    Untreated, a cat bite can kill within 24 hours.  A man recently failed to get his family’s cat bite checked out and nearly died from Bubonic plague, both his hands falling into a state of irreversible gangrene.

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