• Why Wasn’t ChrisTwire Invited to Pastors Conference?

    July 5, 2012 5:10 pm 24 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)—chrisTwire has become a global media empire. From the early print editions in the 80’s to the holy website, forums, books, TV specials, tours, and speaking engagements. Over 30 million people have read or seen our work. However, we received a slap in the face this week as the Christian Identity Ministries white Christians pastor’s conference failed to extend us an invitation.

    The Christian Identity Ministries white Christians pastor’s conference is a three day event being held in Lamar County, Alabama. Rev. Mel Lewis described the conference as being for white Christians” who contend they have been treated unfairly. The Rev Lewis is the organizer and keynote speaker and says they have the right, like any other Americans, to worship how they wish.

    The conference will conclude with a cross being set on fire Friday night. Organizers say it’s not a cross-burning, but rather sacred Christian cross lighting.

    “We are not breaking any laws. We’re not violating any ordinances. We’re bringing the Word of God to people who want it, obviously, or they wouldn’t be here,” Lewis told a TV station WSFA.

    Lewis said of the conference-goers: “They are part of the chosen race.”

    Organizers say their ministry is not a hate group and that although there is a strong KKK presence, the Klan did not sponsor the event.

    I am shocked and appalled that we were not allowed to inject this event with our own particular ability to inspire.

    Here is a link to their web site. http://www.christianidentityministries.com
    Go get em Claire


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