• Adoption is a SIN

    August 27, 2012 2:03 pm 27 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs

    The blessed occurrence of childbirth is often a period of reflection and thanksgiving unto the Lord. Nary a birth goes by without the responsible family offering up praise to Lord Jesus the most high. Babies are hand-delivered by Jesus to provide grace and happiness to the affected familiar units.

    (I’m sure he’ll fit right in and won’t do anything Tamil Tigers related in his new home..)

    However, these families that rebel against God and Jesus are cursed with having a child borne with full-blown mental retardation and serious illnesses; “Damaged goods” is the medical term for this phenomena. Families that are saddled with children whom suffer from Down Syndrome and HIV and Crack addiction often blame these shortcomings on God, when it is in fact THEMSELVES that are responsible for bringing this inequity upon their child. If they had just prayed and remained steadfast in their Bible worship, then Jesus wouldn’t have had to illustrate the error of their ways by inflicting their child with illness.

    Adoption is just as wicked as abortion — it promotes the shaming of God’s will by producing a child and then eliminating it from one’s life.

    These tarnished offspring are often pawned off on unsuspecting families, who choose to share Christ’s love and touch children, only to find themselves victims of ignorant God hatred. Children with deformities, both mental and physical, should not be allowed to be given to other more beautiful families.  It should be illegal to adopt children with such blemishes! Retail corporations and business are held responsible for the quality of their products, so why should parents who willingly give away damaged children be any different?

    That’s why adoption is such an inherently evil, Liberal practice — they preach “acceptance” while chastising Christianity! Why should the consequences of others be of any concern to us? That’s why us Conservative Christians succeed in all aspects of life — we stress personal freedom and the ability to make strong, Christian decisions, such as refusing to “help” children that aren’t ours. Especially Chinese children, which seems to be the norm amongst lesbian bull-dykes and gay homosexuals.

    No family wants to take on the United Way or Down Syndrome Association of America, nor should we have to. That’s not up to us. We don’t have that responsibility. We only have a duty to God to be compassionate and Christ-like in every endeavor and to promote his blessed way of life to all those we meet. Last time I checked, raising a group of Negroes or retarded children isn’t stressed in the Bible. Show me a passage that encourages Christians to take on the burdens and sins of other people, and I’ll show you a homosexual whom I’d let give me CPR.

    Think before you make any ungodly decisions.

    “Sin needs to stop, please don’t adopt.”

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