• Barack Obama Wields Egyptian Sun Magic, Proves He’s Actually Akhenaten Reincarnated

    August 18, 2012 2:16 am 53 comments
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    Mike Watson


    [dropcap]A[/dropcap]dorned in fabrics of emerald and gules, Barack Hussein Obama manifests his power to create a Satanic solar flare, in the palms of his hands.  Obama is doing this to intimidate Mitt Romney and moral voters away from the polls this November.  As predicted in the Bible, Obama is showing signs of anti-Christian power and proving he’s the risen god-king Akhenaten from the ancient times.

    Barack Hussein Obama.  Reading that name is enough to send chills down the spine of every reader.  And for good reason, as yesterday Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech before the Congressional Black Caucus, a group of powerful government officials who are known to dabble in the dark, wizardly arts.  Obama is showing off just a strip tease of Satan’s power, a quick thigh flash of what he will unleash upon all of us if he doesn’t win this coming November.

    Al Gore calls it global warning.  Obama calls it unleashing the power of his ‘Sun God, Ra’.  Have you noticed how hot it’s been this summer?  Obama is giving a sizzling reminder of what he can truly do with the Sun and his power of it.  With just a few chants of ‘Uh, uh, scorch’ from his teleprompter, Obama can cause a solar flare and ruin the crops of hardworking Americans, so we’re forced to import commie Russian red wheat and Chinese rice.  Whatever the case, it’s all evil and proves the fact that Obama is actually King Akhenaten of old, reborn and masquerading as an American so that he may build a new kingdom for Satan.
    [box_light=”width:300;”]Question:  Who was Akhenaten?
    In the early aughts, we discovered that Barack Obama is not the anti-Christ, but instead a reborn Egyptian god-king named Akhenaten.  Akhenaten is known as an evil son of ‘perverted light’, much like Ra (Satan in American).  Barack Obama has surely ‘perverted’ the light portion of himself, his alleles mixed in such a way he glows with darkness.  Look upon Obama proudly rediscovering an ancient carving made of himself.


    Even after all this evidence, liberals will be smug and deny what’s right in front of our faces.  Obama is clearly this Egyptian pharoah reborn from some sort of evil atheist genetics and Wiccan chants, but what is even more troubling is how emboldened he’s become.  At a party in DC last week, Obama dressed up in Egyptian garb and tried to play it off as ‘costume time’.  He’s showing us what he’ll be wearing in the oval office if he defeats Romney and America’s last chance to restore its Godly heritage and Christian tradition.

    Obama plans to coerce Americans into bowing before the ancient Egyptian pantheon, as evidenced by his dapper Xerxean costume of commanding gold he wore to his last fundraiser.

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