• Chinese Women Badminton Team Disqualified from Olympics, Threaten to ‘Break Bones’ of Teams who Refuse to Lose

    August 1, 2012 3:43 pm 22 comments
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    Chinese female powerlifter Bolo Yeung doubles as the goalie for China’s Female Badminton Team.  Before every match, Bolo and a group of other Chinese toughs have been threatening opponents ‘broken knuckles and femur bones’ if they refused to throw the match and lose on purpose.

    As if we did not have reason to be suspcious that they’ve won more medals than America so far, the Chinese have finally been caught cheating and they are having a team kicked out of the Olympics.

    Olympic officials have long suspected China’s dominance in badminton play was amiss.  The country was just winning too many games at every Olympiad.  Over the years, several players stepped up to complain about being threatened by the Chinese, but no one really took it seriously until now.

    American Olympic officials planted several CIA operatives on team France, who China naturally thought would be fun to scare and threaten.  Little did they know that team France had American spies on it.  During pre-game time in the locker rooms, Bolo and several other musclar Chinese athletes entered the room.

    “Surrender, surrender!”, they yelled in a French, with a Chinese accent.  “Lose the match or have broken bones.”  Bolo then grabbed a handful of talcom powder and threw it into the eyes of France’s goalie, Jacques Cherout.  But soon after, the Chinese themselves were the victims of injury after the CIA operatives apprehended them and dragged them before the Olympic’s tribunal, with everything caught on tape.

    Shockingly, the Chinese government denied all allegations and said it was all a ruse, advanced Hollywood CGI making it look like they were cheating.  During the investigation that China demanded, the Chines e had one more game to play.  To help ward off the allegations and video evidence, China’s badminton team tried to throw the match and make it look like they were horrible and could lose.

    This was enough for Olympics officials.  China’s Badminton team has been fully thrown out of the games and all of China’s medals may be stripped away.


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