• chrisTwire the Musical: Sneak Preview

    August 14, 2012 10:36 pm 9 comments
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  • (chrisTwire)— Many of you have noticed that several of us regulars have been absent. Between summer speaking engagements and the Olympics we have been very busy. But now that summer is winding down and our American athletes have dominated all the Asians, communists, and socialists in the London games proving our superiority over them in all aspects that matter, we can get back to work restoring American values.

    Over the years chrisTwire has had victory after victory in the areas of liberalism, women’s rights, minorities, liberal music, the choice of homosexuality, Obama, atheism, Apple computers, and even the video games. One area we have not yet tackled is the liberal bastion of musical theater, often known as Broadway.

    We are now proud to announce chrisTwire the musical. A project over a year in the making, set to go live and go on tour this October.

    With a cast over over 60 and a full orchestra providing accompaniment, chrisTwire the musical will break new ground in the musical theater realm.

    As a treat for our loyal readers we are releasing two audio samples as a preview of the awesomeness which will be chrisTwire the musical.

    Without giving much away, the lead character will be played by Dan Nordgren. And the Ladies will love Adam Nelson’s major singing role and strong voice you can hear in act VII 1:43

    You can hear both their voices in the following preview tracks.

    Special thanks to Music Producer Brother Danus. And to Sister Susan who personally created all the costumes and plays triangle in the orchestra.
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