• GSK Glaxosmithkline Asthma Drug Cuts Respiratory Problems in Half

    August 19, 2012 6:06 pm 7 comments
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  • Asthma is a post-secondary disease usually caused by dangerous chemicals released in the smoke of illegal drug marijuana.  This hard street drug is smoked, injected or eaten, though the vaporous form of it found in hookas is thought to have a half life of 5 years, destroy the ozone layer and responsible for the 2,934,098 deaths from respiratory illness that occurred last year alone.   The drug is so potent that scientists have discovered it can travel as far as Jamaica to the continental United States, smoke from the vapor stealing down into the airways of the innocent and sending them into massive respiratory attacks.  This phenomena is usually worse in the spring and summer months.

    To combat marijuana-induced asthma (MIA), Christian scientists have helped to develop a new drug named Glaxosmithkline.  Until we are able to block liberals from letting people do harmful drugs like marijuana, hooka or liquid LSD, we must continue to fund this pill so its release time can be extended.

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