• Heroic Pit Bulls Attack Car, Rip Bumper Trying to Catch Evil Kitten

    August 26, 2012 8:07 am 26 comments
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  • Pit Bulls Attack Car Looking For Kitten, Ruin BumperHeroic pit bulls were able to force an evil, child-maulling kitten to hide in a car as they defended an innocent, fleeing family.

    This harrowing story started in Banning, California when a kitten decided to stow away in a family’s minivan.  The family was taking a late summer road trip, a big break before the new schoo year got into full swing.

    During a random stop to stretch the legs, the family’s father — Todd Brodheim — noticed a frigtening site behind the backseat of his family’s car.

    “I went to stir the ice in the cooler, to make sure an even chill spread over the egg sandwiches and cold sodas. But when I opened the hatchback, before me was a hissing cougar. I stumbled back and held my arms up in trembling terror.”

    Mr. Broadheim quickly righted himself and ran, which caused the kitten’s savage nature to boil over in full swing. The cat stole upon Broadheim who was telling his family, “Run, run!” The cat’s deft speed was too much and the family was quickly run down, the children crying and mother experiencing near syncope.

    That’s when a miracle happened. From a field, a pack of pit bulls emerged and began to bark at the stalking cat. Undaunted, the cat skulked and feinted left, trying to get one last taste of Broadheim’s blood. It wanted big prey.

    But the dogs were relentless in their defense of the family. Without missing a beat, the dogs fought the kitten. The leader of the pack, who the family has now named Judas Maccabee, bravely fought the kitten to a standstill.

    “At one point, the cat’s eyes glowed yellow and it put Maccabees’ neck in its serpent grip. But the dog found the strength to overcome, full out biting the cat and making it retreat back to our minivan. My wife activated the hatchback mechanism and closed the door, trapping the cat within.”

    To keep the cat honest, the dogs continued to flex their strength by biting through the metal hull of the family’s van. The cat quickly showed its cowardly side and cowered with fear, until the local national guard could move in and take down the feral beast.

    The cat is currently being held until officials meet on Monday to decide its fate. Of the pack of dogs, only Judas Maccabee suffered extensive injury in the fight, saving the lives of his new owners in the process.

    “These, these are miracle dogs,” said little Michael Broadheim, rubbing the head of his new pit bulls.


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