• Iran Continues to Beg America for War

    August 18, 2012 2:39 am 23 comments
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  • As if the placement for Iran was not grounds enough for a war, today our friend Matt Drudge caught Mahmoud Ahamadinejad jonesing for a war with America by daring to threaten our eternal friends, Israel.  Without Israel, there would not be an Old Testament or Bible, so it’s natural that Iran, atheists, liberals, abortion-tokers and so on love to hate on that blessed land.  But today, this just took the cake:

    Our forefathers who fought to protect humanity from people like this, during World War II, are looking down on us from heaven. They are rubbing their rugged, strong hands on their grizzled, angelic faces and wondering how America will respond. Will we really let a dictator who talks like this rise again, or shall we let loose our holy nuclear might and declare war on the Iranians.

    It’s time to make a choice, America. Iran is already hoarding all our oil and not caving to our demands. As if that was not offensive enough, Ahmadinejad is making threats to our best friends in the region. Obama and Ahmadinejad are all one in the same. The Husseins and Sim Sim bad da bim Haji Ahmadinejadis are all practically cousins as it is. So we cannot trust him. But a man named Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney. Those are solid names of people who will happily declare war on Iran, contract the oil out to an AMERICAN company and then let the wealth trickle down to all the lesser people who help provide the grunt work and lifestyle this country needs to thrive.

    So let’s make it happen, let’s make our grandfathers in heaven shed a tear of pride and joy. The American eagle backs off from no prey, just flailing and flaunting itself in smug contempt. It’s time to spread our war talons and scoop up our beautiful, oily birthright. Iran wants it. Let’s give it to them.

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