• Jersey Shore Cancelled, Teen STD Rates Drop 39%

    August 30, 2012 4:32 pm 6 comments
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  • For Snooki and friends, this type of play was just another Tuesday night.

    Seaside Heights, New Jersey – Now that Snooki has popped out a child and is planning to get married, raise her family and turn her back to partying, the producers of the Jersey Shore announced today that the show is being cancelled.

    Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control recently celebrated in jubilation, as a poll following the announcement of Jersey Shore’s cancellation reveal that the ‘reported STD rates for teens dropped with a drastic 37% significance.’

    In addition to the drop in STD rates, computer models predict that teenage pregnancy and rates of skin cancer from overuse of Orange-tan products will drastically drop as well.

    The Italian government has issued a special thank you to MTV for finally cancelling the show.  Said Italian Assistant Minister of Foreign Relations, Tony Borelli, “After The Godfather and Tony Montana, we thought our legacy in America couldn’t have been more culturally inaccurate if yet innacurate.  But give me 50 Arthur Fonzerelli’s jumping the shark while eating a bowl of linguini if it means this miscreants won’t be misrepresenting our country, our families in America and our culture for a day longer.  Good riddance!’

    The remaining cast of the Jersey Shore is expected to appear on E! True Hollywood Stories after going throught their requisite stints of failed spin-off shows, leaked ‘nudy pics’ and overcoming drug addiction.

    Coincidentally, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is predicting a sharp 28% increase in reading ability for high school students this coming school year.

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