• Mexicans Disguise Floor Cleaner as Delicious Soda, Plan to Wipe Out ‘Stupid Gringos’

    August 20, 2012 11:46 am 6 comments
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    UPDATE:  Christwire Intern Matt Corington hospitalized after drinking tricky Mexican cleaner.

    It was only two years ago that Mexicans attempted to retake America by infecting their soldiers will the swine flu and then sending them here to our country, to have them smear unwashed lechuga hands all over our salad bar at the Sizzler, Denny’s and other great buffets! Over 1 million people become infected with the Mexican Swine Flu and there were zombies, brainless and unable to work. That means more jobs for Mexicans to steal!

    Ever since we kicked them out of our states of California, Arizona and Texas, the Mexicans have lusted for and wanted to Bogart our land. Even like we did the Native Americans, we tried to offer them land within our country. And what’d they do with New Mexico? Sell cheap beads, ruin the land and cause the worst state in America. We had to take it back!

    But now, we see they have unleashed a new sinister hand. Mexicans have invented a cheap product named Fabuloso and just look at the packaging, it looks like delicious juice for the kids!

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