• Mexicans Trick College Intern with Tricky Product Label

    August 20, 2012 12:42 pm 39 comments
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  • For our college intern, Dustin M. Corlington, it was just another weekend run to the grocery store.  He’s starting his senior year at Cal State Fullerton and was happy to refill his apartment with food for himself and his roomies.  But from one simple shopping trip, Dustin didn’t expect to end up in the local E/R and fighting for his life.  Our friend was the victim of sneaky Mexican product labeling.  This is his story and interview.

    [pullquote_left]I was tricked by Mexicans, into drinking a cleaning product.[/pullquote_left]  It was around midnight and my roommates and I were hungry.  We just finished moving into our new digs, had a bare fridge and accounts fattened by a summer of hard work and loving parents.    We made a Ralph’s run to do some grocery shopping.

    I like running and always try to stay well hydrated with water, juices and electrolyte enriched drinks.  My buddies and I were walking down the aisle when I saw this pretty good looking new drink.  There was fruit all over the label and it was a good price.  It was late, I was tired from moving all day and I threw the type that looked like blueberry coconut into my shopping cart.  No biggie, it just went with everything else but was ‘Hecho en Mexico’.  We took a picture of the new drink for an unrelated project on imported foodstuffs and pricing, but I had no idea the image would become so popular and show how Mexican products can trick us innocent college kids who’d never drink something so unknown and dangerous.

    I didn’t even think twice before throwing the drink in with some whey protein and my 32 oz before going in for my Monday internship at ChristWire.  I was halfway through before I noticed everything was tasting soapy and I didn’t feel good.  I threw up, passed out and awoke with some of our deacons praying for me in the hospital.

    Doctors expect me out tomorrow.  I just want to let the Mexicans know that even though they are trying to trick us into drinking their dangerous products by making them look all delicious, I forgive you of your sins.  I’m not sure if this is a plot to get us back for the Alamo or make Americans sick so we lose our jobs in the local market, but whatever the case you’re forgiven and I turn the other cheek.  I’ll be well soon.


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