• Paul Ryan’s Black Ex Proves GOP Loves Minorities, Gays

    August 22, 2012 2:21 pm 15 comments
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  • A new tidbit from Paul Ryan’s past has come out and stolen the steam right from the Democrat political media whoremachine.  Paul Ryan is a man of all people.  He is a man of goodness and grace, what America needs right now in a vice president.  But best of all, team Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are for minorities.

    Back when Paul Ryan was in college, he had a black girlfriend.  This means that Paul Ryan, before even thinking about the election, was minority friendly.  He had to break up with his girlfriend because her mother was giving him the typical black mother sass and attutide, but they left amicably.

    The take home message is you can’t believe everything you hear.  Democrats try to make Republicans look mean, but when you look at the facts you shall see Republicans love all people.  This is proof that minorities should at least give Paul Ryan an ear and hear him out.


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