• Satanists claim Christwire is “satire”

    August 7, 2012 3:25 pm 20 comments
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  • Many evil liberal humanist satanist homosexuals are using twitter and other websites to make filthy and abhorrent claims about Christwire being something called satire.  “Satire” is a word liberals use in place of stronger, more Christian words such as blasphemy and mocking.  These homosexuals and fornicators are trying to tarnish the reputation of this holy site and claiming it to be insincere.  Christwire is clearly sincere!  It’s about Jesus!  These sickos claim that the site is run by liberal satanists attempting to make a mockery of Jesus Christ and the Christian religion.   Never, ever, ever would any decent or sane person joke around about Jesus Christ.  This will tear away at their souls and leadthem into dark, demonic places such as hell.

    So why, some may ask, does Christwire exist?  Look around you.  See the world, a cesspool of hellish waste?  A world overrun with strip clubs, sodomy, and Muslim dictators posing as American presidents.  One can almost smell the endtimes!  Children are being stolen from their parents and forced to view pornography and liberal propaganda.  Our teens are methheads and theives.  Our grandparents are whores and beggars.  Damnation seems almost inevitable!

    But there is someone who came.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Christwire does not mean to mock or “satirize” this holy man.  He did not come for man to mock and make a satire.  He came so that decent people like Christwire could show everyone His saving power.  He wants us to feel his hand upon our little children.  So that they will be caressed and enticed by the resulting feeling.  The excitement we feel when we are close to Jesus helps us understand why He came and makes us excited for the day He will come again.

    That is why Christwire exists.  Not satire, not banter, not burlesque, not caricature, not causticity, not chaffing, not irony, not lampoonery, not mockery, not parody, not pasquinade, not persiflage, not play-on, not put-on, not raillery, not sarcasm, not send-up, not skit, not spoof, not squib, not takeoff, not travesty, not witticism, but love.  Jesus’ love.  He saved us.  CoolCool 

    <3 Jesus <3

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