• Sen. Todd Akin Was RIGHT.

    August 22, 2012 2:22 am 53 comments
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  • By Mark E. Figs.

    (Sen. Todd Akin, the 2012 recipient of the Purple Heart of Bravery)

    Liberals want to keep abortion legal so they can continue their ways of rampant sex abuse, and have intercourse with no repercussions. The Lord our God states that intercourse is strictly confined to HETEROSEXUAL partners and is solely used for procreation; it’s not meant to be used by Susie Sorority-Slut to entice the starting Quarterback into “gangbanging” her with his teammates in order to be liked. If you have sex, you HAVE to get pregnant. There is no side-stepping it, and abortion is just another liberal tool to spread acceptance of the homosexual agenda. Luckily, Todd Akin, in true Republican fashion, wants to limit the amount of abortions that occur in this country – something that Liberal Democrats wouldn’t know about, as they are too busy urging the Government to intervene in the personal affairs of citizens!

    Rep. Todd Akin recently had the courage to speak up about Christ’s ever-present power and his ability to terminate pregnancies, namely if they occur as a result of illegitimate rape. This often occurs when a whorish female leads a man on with sexual overtures and then has intercourse; afterwards, for whatever reason, the woman decides she wasn’t satisfied and false-cries “rape.”  A legitimate rape is when a Mexican or Negro gangbanger thug corners a young woman in an alleyway and ravages her body with sex. This is the difference between illegitimate and legitimate rape; illegitimate rape is often the result of a slutty woman thrusting herself into a situation SHE created.

    People often forget that God created the universe and our bodies, and thus he has final say over anything that occurs – this includes pregnancies as a result of rape. In fact, it’s common knowledge that if a woman DOES become pregnant as a result of rape, than it is a bonafide blessing from God. If the Lord our God, does NOT want a woman to carry the child of rape, than he will initiate an “abortion sequence” inside of the woman who was raped  — this is similar to erasing data from a VHS tape. Jesus eliminates the baby with his divine love and the woman is free to live her life without any evidence of having been sexually assaulted.

    Todd Akin had it right, because Jesus and God have a direct plan for those whom are raped. If a woman is raped, than it is God’s will.  If she becomes pregnant as a result, than it too is God’s will. God is our undisputed creator and is omniscient – he KNOWS if a woman is going to get raped, and become pregnant, and if this occurs, than this is the course of life that he has decided for the rape “victim.” Aborting the baby is a direct affront to God. The rape “victim” becomes selfish and takes the focus away from the beautiful blessing that came from the rape, and instead turns it into an expose on “victimhood.”

    And I use “victim” very liberally because many people who are raped aren’t exactly absolved from blame; they are often scantily clad and hanging out at club parties where “beer pong” is being played.  They dress in skimpy attire with their breasts and buttocks and crotches exposed, and then cry when a man takes them in a dark corner and subjects them to forced sex. I don’t douse myself in gasoline and cry foul when I stand close to my grill. Just saying.

    So why is everyone lambasting Todd Akin for having the bravery to speak up about God’s blessed design?

    The Liberals will have you think that abortion is the hallmark of a beautiful society, and to that end I pose the question – is your definition of a perfect society one that is slathered in the blood and tissue of innocent fetuses? Is sex partying and explicit dancing at rock concerts worth the intercourse and subsequent angering of God that occurs after your eliminate your baby with the casual demeanor of someone relieving their bowels?

    NO. Abortion is a tool used by Liberals to brainwash decent Christians and this beautiful Christian society into accepting their twisted practices and beliefs, like feminism and homosexuality. Why has it become accepted to murder innocent lives? Women clutching their bellies and stabbing them repeatedly is the same as abortion.

    We are at a pathetic crossroads in America, where brave Christian men like Sen. Todd Akin are ridiculed for having the gall to speak up about a known fact concerning woman’s bodies and our Lord, Jesus Christ and his heavenly father, God. Instead of beating Akin’s reputation into the ground, and calling for his head, we could open our Bibles and embrace God’s plan for us. After all, the media and numerous Liberals are in essence, “raping” Sen. Todd Akin.

    For shame.

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