• Shoud ‘Murrica Put Missile Defense on Mars, YES!

    August 6, 2012 2:30 pm 175 comments
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  • Now that America has shown dominance on Mars, all other countries are Jonesing for what’s not theirs.  We’ve got to protect our assets.  Greedy nations will try to make UN demands that we let them tag along on our joy ride on another planet.  For this reason, we need to buck up and do what’s necessary to protect what’s ours.  The jealousy and international liberal politicking are already rolling in.

    Look at Richard Dawkin’s jealous tweets:


    So a nation that is 96% Christian lands a mini-science lab on Mars.  We did this because a Catholic man, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, had a goal for us.  Land on the moon.  A wise Christian sage, named President George W. Bush, extolled, “We have a mission to land on Mars.”  Obama even claims to be a Christian and look at what he wants funded.

    America is truly a Christian nation and the protector of Earth.  But the time has come where we must take responsibility for not only our planet, but for our solar system.  China is gunning for the Moon, over 40 years too late.   Already, the UK is expressing that same famous jealousy that had them burning down our White House and DC in 1812.

    America must realize that we need to protect the moon and Mars from foreign dangers.  Look at the pitiful state our world is in:  terrorism, war, greed, corruption.  Do we really want all these problems that are to blame on the UK and China going into space?

    And don’t deny it.  If it wasn’t for the UK being greedy, Africa would not have poverty like it does.  England created Israel, sticking the nation right in a hornet’s nest of ethnic tension.  America took responsibility to protect Israel and has paid the price by receiving increased aggression from nations in the region.  UK has no place on our moon and definitely not on Mars.

    China loves to steal.  How do they have nuclear technology?  They stole our nuclear secrets, much like they steal our movies, dress style and business models.  America, it’s time to stockpile nukes, S.A.M. and other defenses on our planets and heavenly bodies.

    This is the new Mars rover.  Note that it has a terminator eye for a reason.  We may have to install special weapons on it, just in case another country tries to sneak a lesser vehicle on our planet.

    Listen here, world.  Mars is now the possession of America.  We’ve landed on it multiple times and have planted our flag.  In old maritime tradition, the planet is ours!

    If you don’t like America’s new Mars missile defense policy, you can just get off our new planet!  Oh wait, your snide Queen bowing country cannot

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