• Thousands of Dead Fish, Fishsticking Kanye West Gays Are to Blame

    August 7, 2012 2:19 pm 9 comments
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  • There is a new breed of gay named ‘Kanye West’. These types of gays have a weird fetish called fishsticking, where they abduct a male fish and allow it to stick its gonadpodium (a fish’s twaddledandy) into the eye of their fleshy sinsnake. It’s all sick and bizarre, but this is the type of thing I warned would happen once we allowed gay’s marriage.

    But now through this fishsticking process, gays have caused a new virus to spread through the fish population and the government has finally confessed thousands of fish are dead because of it.  It’s unclear what virus the gays have spread to all these poor fish, but it shows that they have been sowing their frilly royal oats all over the place.

    Four every one gay, 7 fish are dallied or molsted in improper ways.  Pet stores nationwide have reported a sharp increase of same sex couples wanting to buy exotic, tropical fish with very large gonadpodiums.  But rougher bareback gays seem to always frequent lakes and the results of their fishy actions are apparent.

    It remains unconfirmed if the ASPCA will do a commericial to help alert America about this new travesty and result of allowing gay marriage.

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