• Democratic National Convention Celebrates Homosexual Abortion Lovers: Day One.

    September 4, 2012 11:28 pm 133 comments
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    By Mark E. Figs

    (Obama’s true colors)

    A week after Mitt Romney solidified his status as the greatest Presidential candidate of all time, the Democrats convened in North Carolina for their quad-annual celebration of homosexual interracial sex orgies, abortions and welfare.

    The Democrats trotted out their usual lineup of overtly loud, obnoxious ethnics who flashed signs written in Spanish, promiscuous women of Congress who advocate for Biblical ruin by championing the morals and values of whores and prostitutes, and cheerleaders in the form of the spineless mainstream media.

    Rumor has it that this convention was paid for by food stamps and that a specialized “Abortion Van” was present in the parking lot, sponsored by OBAMACARE, offering free abortions to the slutty, liberal college girls who clamor for it. In addition, FOX News reported that a specific area of the arena was sectioned off for homosexual “orgies” — Obama’s administration continually attempting to turn all of America into a gayhomo “breeding zone.”

    Julian Castro, a nephew of Fidel Castro,  also spoke, assaulting the crowds with torrents of indecipherable Spanish and seemingly forgetting that in AMERICA we speak ENGLISH. It speaks volumes of the character of the Democratic party that they’d choose to label this communist sympathizer as a “Rising star.” A RED STAR of oppression, no doubt.

    Michelle Obama closed the night, showing off her steroid-aided body, and promoting the violent savagery of weightlifting that the Black Panther party enjoys. She bragged about Obama’s penchant to destroy America by raising student loan rates.

    She bragged about the Obama family wealth, and how they successively paid of their student loans and mortgage. She never mentioned Obama’s status as a foreigner. To make matters worse, she bragged about how Obama is striving to turn this country into a land of homosexual love, and disgusting bestiality. The main focus of Obama’s re-election campaign seems to be focuses on making sure every AIDS infected gayhomo “Bible hater” can be married and essentially erode the foundation of this beautiful country.

    Stay tuned for more coverage in the upcoming days.

    Mark E. Figs is an award winning violinist and his debut album “Fingering 4 Jesus” can be purchased here.


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