• Dr. Pepper Is A Quack, Endorses Evolution Theory

    September 14, 2012 12:42 am 22 comments
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  • Now that's progress.  Today I have proof that this yuppy Dr. Pepper is a quack!  I wish it were still the Middle Ages 1600, because I would round up the knights and lock this loony scientist in a tower until he confessed Christ is Lord!

    Look at this dangerous subliminal imagery on this drink.  It has a lemur monkey, a false cave man and a human becoming ‘evolved’ after drinking Dr. Pepper’s devil nectar!

    I would like to know what school gave Dr. Pepper his phD, because anyone who does not believe in creation science is clearly a quack!

    For the BIBLE SAYS:

    In the beginning, GOD, created heaven and the Earth.  The BIBLE says, GOD, created man in his image.  The Bible says nothing about monkeys drinking Dr. Pepper and becoming more evolved and human from drinking the drugged prune juice!

    Friends, make sure your kids aren’t drinking the atheist’s koolaid that is known as Dr. Pepper.  I bet it has mind washing agents in it to make them more pliable to this sort of idiotic marketing.

    It is inconceivable to think there are knuckleheads who believe in evolution.

    For those who don’t know, all atheists believe the universe was ‘magically’ created from a Big Bang. Like something can come from nothing!  If you put an empty bottle on the counter, Dr. Pepper won’t magically appear in it!  You have to pour the concoction from a bottle!  But atheists want us to believe that monkeys were crawling around in caves and somehow, evolved into ‘cave men’.

    As if this were not farfetched enough, this Dr. Pepper fellow is trying to say that his joke somehow magically appeared and that the caveman drank it, and then suddenly became an upright human with an IQ of 180 like all Christians in God’s image!  Lies!

    The truth is simple.  God created Earth!  God created it unto his image and he said, “Let there be man in my image” and it was so, almost 6000 years ago.  How anyone can confuse this simple science is pretty clear:  they are idiots drunken on these drinks like Dr. Pepper.

    I will organize the official boycott of Dr. Pepper tomorrow and his fizzy mind lifting drink over the weekend.

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