• Lady Gaga’s New Perfume Contains Witch Poison, Human Blood and Male Procreation Liquid

    September 28, 2012 3:07 am 26 comments
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  • It has only been moments since we revealed on World Truth TV that the new Lady Gaga perfume is comprised of a witch brew of demon ingredients.  And the email letters, Twitterings and faxes are already pouring through!

    Many of you are still trembling and shaking, wondering if you have Hepatitis or worse because you splashed some Lady Gaga perfume on you before the big date!  Or even worse, you littel Jezebel tempstress wives had your husband like your infected skin that had the perfume on it!

    The new Lady Gaga perfumed “Fame” is actually a complex combination of chemicals that are produced using the devil’s science.  There is a method called “Inorganic Chemistry” where scientists use all sorts of weird symbols and ‘periodic elements’ (Wiccan speak) to construct this scented chemical.

    It is old school Salem witchcraft meets the modern world.  But there is a Lady Gaga behind it all and it’s a great danger to everyone’s soul.

    While I have not sat down to make up any stats to scare you with yet, I can tell you that you’ll see at least a 43% increase in STD, 15% more pregnancy and no telling how many divorces once this witch’s brew works its magic in your family.

    Lady Gaga entices the man whose essence ‘fills’ every body of Fame.  She is making him release his liquid dna and then have women all over the world rub it on themselves.

    Already in high schools, this perfume is being used in pregnancy pact parties.  Young women can now just spray some of this on their hands and twinkle each other in illegal ways, making a baby appear only months later.  If that’s not sick enough, Gaga is laughing all the way to the bank and loving that her boy toy here is having all these black magic children.

    If you don’t want the man in the picture to have a child in your home, ban Lady Gaga and ban this perfume.  No telling what sort of dark armyt hey are trying to make rise from its use, but you can bet that God is not approving this nectar.


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