• Lights Out Tehran! Islamic Genocide… What Muslims Don’t Want You to Know

    September 29, 2012 7:59 pm 11 comments
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  • Muslim Rage Must Be Put Down Now!

    By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chrisTwire> Escalating events in the Middle East and at the United Nations this week makes it clear that Iran poses a clear and imminent danger to world peace. President  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran in his eighth and final address to the UN General Assembly’s annual gathering of world leaders in New York explained the only solution to the Middle East problem is to wipe out an entire civilization, destroy a peaceful sovereign nation and commit genocide against the Jewish people. Ahmadinejad then explained Iran’s nuclear program will only be used to create clean energy, not weapons of mass destruction.

    Many believe if the crisis in the Middle East isn’t quickly resolved, violence will spark the start of WW III, a war the U.S. can ill-afford to fight with its economy devastated by four years of the Obamanation coup d’état. Late this afternoon the Associated Press broke the story on “Operation Lights Out,” which was described as a “quick-op military solution to the Middle East crisis.” According to the AP what little we know about OLO was leaked by a “confidential source and Pentagon insider.”

    Global Terrorist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran

    Israel has threatened too nuke every nuclear site inside Iran and quite justly after president Ahmadinejad’s speech before the UN earlier this week. Iran’s president stated his country was under constant threat of military action from “uncivilized Zionists” and called for a new world order not dominated by Western powers who are in the service of “the devil.” Painting a dark picture of a world driven by greed rather than moral values Ahmadinejad’s language was carefully chosen to incite violence rather than promote peace.

    According to AP sources the U.S., not Israel, will drop the first nuclear bomb on Iran’s capitol city of Tehran and its estimated population of 8,450,000. It is our hallowed duty as Christians and Americans to leave Tehran under tons of radioactive waste and debris while sending the Muslim world a clear message that we will not tolerate another Muslim genocide! This is the price we Americans must pay for freedom; and its the price the Muslim people must be willing to pay for democracy.

    Israel’s objective, once the US has delivered God’s nuclear payload on Tehran is to nuke every Iranian nuclear site with Israeli-made nuclear bombs. This should be a wake-up call to the savage Muslim world, for they will know the might and will of a God pushed to far.

    As we have seen from our own history it is the Americans who are always called upon during global crisis to put down the dark forces of evil wherever it rears its ugly head. And once again the responsibility to solve the Middle-East crisis falls on God’s chosen people and nation, America, and her many intrepid ally nations. We must deliver the final blow to Iran’s highly unstable nuclear program. Its a quick sound military solution minimizing the loss of life to Americans and our allies.

    Restructuring and rebuilding the Middle East won’t be as easy as it was for us in Japan when the US made quick work of ending WWII. Israel and the US can split what’s left of the oil rich defeated country of Iran, each nation claiming it’s half of the conquered state.

    Islam Is On The Verge Of Imploding. This July Bombing in Iraq Shows Muslim on Muslim Violence That’s Tearing Islam Apart

    As a US territory Americans can provide cheap gas from American oil reserves. Of course the US and Israel will want to install permanent military bases on the new Christian soil which is expected to increase western influence throughout the Middle East. It will also give American agents the presence we need to put our thumb down on al-Qaeda, the Taliban, suspected terrorists and terror cells.

    Arraignments for all surviving infidel Muslim idol worshippers will be made to place them in American re-education camps where they will be taught about their Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and American history and culture. Once the Muslim detainees have repented their sins before their true God and they’ve denounce Islam as a sham religion  councilors at these re-education camps will file citizenship applications for each detainee who successfully completes training.

    Ahmadinejad is a good example of how most Middle-Easterners think of Americans; but even more so he is a good example of the ignorance, intolerance and hate taught in the Qur’an towards non-Muslims.
    In my previous article entitled; Muslim Rage & Why Americans Could Care Less, which you can link to here, http://christwire.org/2012/09/muslim-rage-and-why-americans-could-care-less/

    I had the opportunity to carry on a wonderful dialog with some Muslims who posted comments on my piece. Our dialog was sincere and I walked away being able to see more of the Muslim perspective than before. And not everything Ahmadinejad had to say was wrong.

    Much of the world including the U.S. is driven by greed and anytime pay-o-la is involved you can expect moral values to take the back seat. This has never been more clear as it is today in Obama’s America. The Obamanation of the U.S. has forced common white folk to live under the tyranny of Obama’s dark oppressive socialist iron-fisted coup for almost four years.

    Known al-Qaeda Operative Seen in the Washington DC Area.

    As Christians the time has come for us to own up to our responsibility to humanity and to the planet that through God’s grace is abundant with life. The world is now forced to face the terror and evil of a nuclear Iran. And every nation must deal with Iran’s threat to “eliminate” Israel from the planet’s surface.

    This nuclear dick-wagging contest between Israel and Iran is literally going to explode in the Middle East and to expand peace in that region the U.S. needs to immediately deploy weapons of mass destruction to be delivered on Tehran. Remember the U.S. is the only country with experience in this sort of thing. And when it comes to nuking a bunch of Godless infidels, experience counts.

    If anyone doubts the sincerity of my words or questions why Operation Lights Out must be executed here is a list of the reasons to take such extreme action.

    “do you even know the RULES of jihad , how Muhmmad (p.b.u.h) did jihad ? you don’t know nothing because you never read quran the rules were simple NO women or childern should be harm, no eldrly person should be harm , islam took so much care that it was even prohibited to even cut a tree or kill an animal which provides food, & if a person didn’t had defence you are not to attack him.”


    The Qur’an Says Muslims Don’t Murder Children. Tell That To These Armenian Kids Murder by Islam

    Casualties: 2,700,000 Christians – (1915-1923) by Ottoman-Empire Muslim Turkey. 750,000 Assyrians, 500,000 Greeks and 1.5 million Armenians.[1]
    Nature: 1.) Ethnic cleansing.[2] 2.) Islamic Jihad.[3]

    Casualties: Close to 27,000 in Israel between 1920-2012, at the hands of Arab/Muslims.
    24, 526 Israelis/Jews killed, 35,356 injuried, and 1,967 Arab “Palestinians” killed by other Arab “Palestinians.”

    Casualties: 3,500,000 – Sudan – from 1953 to 2005.[27] Including 2,500,000 between 1983-2005.[28][29] Nature: Arab Islamic “supremacy” over “inferior” Southerners. [30][31] Jihad declared in 1983 by Numeiri,[32] and 1991 by al-Bashir.[33]

    Casualties: over 100,000[34] in Papua New Guinea, since 1963, by Muslim Indonesian: government and Jihadists. Nature: Apartheid / ethnic cleansing[35] and jihad.[36][37]

    Casualties: 3,000,000 – Nigeria, by Muslim [Hausa] dominated forces against the Ibo / Christians [1966-1970].[38][39]

    Casualties: 2,000-25,000 between Jordanians and “Palestinians” 1970-71 (Black September).[40]

    Casualties: 300,000 – Lebanon 1970s-2000 by Syria and ‘Palestinians’.[41]
    Nature: Muslims against Christians.[42]

    Casualties: 3,000,000 – Bangladesh, 1971 (by Pakistan).[43]
    Nature: Islamic Pakistanis’ contempt for “impure” Bengalis.[44]

    Iraqi Soldiers Killing Kurds… Their Crime? Being Kurds

    Casualties: 300,000[45] – Uganda (1971-1979 under fanatical-Islamic[46] Idi Amin). Or 500,000.[47]
    •  Casualties: 200,000 – East timor (Between 1975 and mid-1999) by (Islamic) Indonesia.[48]
    Nature: oppression and jihad.[49][50]

    •      Casualties: Over 300,000 – Iraq (1979-2003) under (Quran-ic[51]) Saddam Hussein.[52] Or as many as 500,000.[53] Nature: dictatorship;[54] anti-Kurdish Arab-racism;[55] and Sunni Vs. Shiite “religious intolerance.”[56]
    Note: Baathist racist Arab tyrants like Saddam Hussein, carried out massacres in the name of Islam,[57] and used highly, the ‘anti-infidel’ ideology.[58]

    Casualties: 80,000[59] – Iran 1979 radical fascist[60][61] ‘Islamic Revolution.’


    Casualties: Between 500,000 and 1,500,000 – Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988).[62]
    Nature: 1.) Sunni-Shiite intolerance.[63] 2.) Arab racism/supremacy against Persians by Baathist Iraq.[64] 3.) Persian racism against Arabs.[65]

    Casualties: 40,000 – Syria (1982, Hama by H. al-Assad).[66]

    Casualties: 10,000 – [Islamic Republic of] Iran (1988, massacre of political prisnoers).[67] Or 14,000.[68] Or 30,000.[69][70] Nature: ‘for being “infidels”‘[71]

    Casualties: Over 100,000 – Algeria (between 1992 and 2002).[72] Or even 200,000.[73]
    Nature: Islamists Vs. government.[74]

    Rwanda Church Blown To Hell By Jihad Terrorist. Americans Wake-Up! This Could Be Your Church!!!

    Casualties: Over 160,000,[75] or at leaset over 151,000.[76] in Iraq, since 2003.
    1) Intra-Islamic bigotry: Sunni-Shiite divide.[77][78][79]
    2) Al-Qaeda[80][81][82]
    3) Baathists.[83][84]
    4) Iran and its Hezbollah thugs.[85][86][87][88][89]
    Note: The bloodshed continues after US withdrawal.[90][91]

    Casualties: Over 15,000 – Syria 2011-2012[92] or at least over 13,000[93] by Syrian forces with Iranian[94][95][96] and Hezbollah active participation[97][98][99]
    Nature: Alawite Islamic apartheid.[100] It also serves as a “Battleground Between Sunnis and Shiites.”

    Islamic motivated attacks have affected the peaceful nations of: The US, Argentina, UK, France, Spain, Australia, India, Israel, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Chechnya, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Algeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Gaza, Tunisia, Mauritania, Kenya, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Tanzania, Chad, Tajikistan, China, Nepal, the Maldives, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, etc. Especially, the bloody last decade of [over] 19,000 Islamic terror attacks (between 2001-2012).

    Muslim Genocide of Turks in 1915

    If this list doesn’t provide you with the numbers and evidence for OLO to proceed then just wait another 10 years and do nothing. I’m certain after another decade of Islam’s world “peace plan” you’ll start to see things right. Remember the Muslim hates you!

    Source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/2892623/posts

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