• Mark’s Musings: America Should DESTROY Iran

    September 24, 2012 6:02 pm 18 comments
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  • by Mark E. Figs

    Islam is a religion built on hate and terror and the days of Muslim bullying must come to a screaming, bloody halt.

    Muslims are upset that Pastor Terry Jones has the courage to reveal their prophet Muhammed as a disgusting, worthless pedophile and responded not with civil disobedience or logic, but with violence and bloodshed like Muslims are apt to do.

    And just today an Iranian senior official said that if the US aids God’s chosen people (Israel) that Iran will respond with military force.

    Try us. You’ll be sorry you did, you Persian punk. To quote Clint Eastwood, “Go ahead punks, make our day.” If Iran as so much THINKS about attacking the Red, White & Blue than we will respond with all of God’s might and fury; the worthless Iranian civilization will be left as nothing more than a smoldering crater of Jesus-administered justice. A blip on history’s timeline.

    Muslim nations haven’t contributed anything to modern society. Their days of progress and innovation are long past. Christianity meanwhile, is responsible for sanitation, prayer and the traffic light. America is actually an invention of Christianity and a fine one at that.  When’s the last time you’ve seen a group of angry Christians storm and destroy an embassy?


    Does President Ah-moo-Idiot really think that his puny country stands a chance? He can’t even make decisions without the blessing of a man in a dress. America has the NFL, MLB and NBA — our men are superior in all aspects of life, including physical attributes, mental fortitude, and flexibility.

    So let Iran flex their weak, vile muscles. While I may never understand Judaism OR fully support the Jewish agenda (one responsible for the murder of Jesus, among other things) they ARE God’s chosen people and thus I must support them. If Iran thinks they are strong enough to top Jesus’ holy empire, than they have another thing coming. The streets in Iran will run red with the blood of non-believers, and I ain’t talking about Americans.

    Test us Iran, and your backwards will culture will go so far back that Noah will have to save it. And he won’t.


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