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    September 18, 2012 4:44 am 7 comments
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  • Today Mitt Romney has destroyed any chance he had at beating Obama.  We did everything right in helping him, even making everyone forget that he believes magical underwear theory is a crucial part of the Christian faith.   I held my support of Reverend Alex Keating and Rick Santorum for president because I knew that if we allowed Romney’s copper choppers to get in front of a camera, he’d basically hand Obama the November elections on a silver platter.

    The radical left wing media is gloating today because Mitt Romney made a 47 percent pay no taxes in America insult against basically everyone.  Romney implied that those who pay no income taxes are lazy, beyond help and destroying this nation.  If I were not on Medicare right now and receiving VA benefits from my time in the service, I would agree with Romney.   But I’m part of the crowd he insulted, the Greatest Generation!

    I have many grandkids in college and their parents are not rich.  My grandkids need heath insurance and I’ll tell you what else:  they need loans and not to pay taxes while they are being educated as tomorrow’s lawyers, doctors and journalists.  I’ve got grandsons in the Army and The Marines.  Guess what?  They deserve every benefit because they defend our lives.

    How dare Mitt Romney open his silver-spoon raised mouth against me and mine!  As a true Christian, I am angry with Mitt Romney right now.  I wish it were still the Spanish Inquisition ages, because I’d hop on a horse and accuse him of witchcraft until he confessed Jesus never masqueraded around America with the Native Americans.  Then, I’d force him to withdraw every single word that came out of his mouth against those who do not have to pay income taxes and receieve some sort of government entitlement.

    I’ve paid my dues in life and I will not be insulted by a little East-coast twit.  Romney, you crossed the line.  We were willing to overlook your questionable choices in life and faith, but this is just over the line.  You’ve insulted my family and our troops.  You better have one good explanation for this, or my vote is going to a written in Rick Santorum.

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