• Sinful Chicago Teachers Perform CPS Strike; Obama To Blame.

    September 11, 2012 2:51 am 16 comments
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  • — Mark E. Figs, award-winning journalist.

    The murder rate of Chicago, known colloquially as “Chiraq” among the urban Negro youth, is set to skyrocket in the next coming weeks –and it’s all Barack Obama’s fault. Why? The  news of an impending CPS strike.

    Chicago Public School teachers are reeling with Liberal fervor and are refusing to work until they are granted financial increases to their already gaudy salary rates. In a country marred by Obama-caused unemployment we have a handful of  “educators” refusing to work because they aren’t making the money they FEEL entitled to. And these are the people responsible for shaping and educating our children?

    Yuck. That stinks.

    Without education, more and more young Negroes are going to run around, smoking marijuana cigarettes, listening to rap music and being Chief Keef. This idle time often results in violence, because unsaved Negroes have a genetic predisposition to violence, due to the culture that surrounds them. They often times spend their days alleviating their boredom by participating in drive-by shootings and gangbangs. Kudos, CPS teachers — you’re going to have the vile blood of hundreds of young Negroes and Negresses on your weak, corrupt hands.

    This is all Obama’s fault. If he hadn’t spent so much time encouraging Americans to blame other people for their problems, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Instead of stressing the American values of hard work and motivation, he travels the world, apologizing for America’s “problems.” This is the limp-wristed Black president of the Muslim States of America that we have elected to lead us? Gross. Disgusting, but not surprising that this is who the immoral and greedy CPS teachers idolize.

    There’s a reason that gay homosexuality runs rampant in this country. We lack the moral integrity and gall to stand steadfast and firm in our beliefs. This is a country founded on God’s principles of charity, humility and faith — yet we have educators complaining that they aren’t getting paid enough money to teach and shape our beautiful, young, able-bodied children?

    Shouldn’t the smiles and joy of these children be enough? Do they really have to add another BMW to their fleet of luxury vehicles before they are able to teach?  How hard could teaching possibly be? Arithmetic and literature are simple. Has Liberalism tainted EVERYTHING in this country?


    The Liberal gayhomo agenda has corroded this country into a party of whiners and selfish brats. If we don’t agree with something, we are now encouraged to complain and refuse to partake in it — a far cry from the days of intense prayer and daily devotions to God seeking his wisdom and guidance.

    Have fun contributing to the delinquency of minors, you selfish, entitled, whiny brats. If only you could be more like Mitt  Romney — the prototypical American male who built his fortune with hard work and dedication.

    I hope the CPS teachers never go back to work and lose the leases on their expensive penthouses. Maybe that’ll teach them the value of a dollar — and more importantly, God’s love.


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