• Al Gore Blames Altitude On Obama’s Debate Loss

    October 4, 2012 2:18 pm 14 comments
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  • Denver, Colorado (ChristWire) – Barack Hussein Obama shifted his feet like a scared little schoolchild needing to go potty in Mrs. Strictruler Slap’s classroom.  He dared not look Mitt Romney in his strong, firm eyes, because he was scared when in the presence of a true man and true American president!

    But Al Gore, the man who believes that the Earth is going to spontaneously combust in his bizarre global warming theory, is trying to blame something else.  Al Gore blames altitude for Obama’s airheaded performance.  What a sham!

    Listen here, Al Gore.  When Obama has a teleprompter and a belly full of greasy lies laid out by his speech writers, he can belch out the most satisfied chorus of words and all his followers will yell for more.  But when it’s mano-E-mano, fisticuffs with no help, you see what happens.  Obama cannot twist the truth and convince others of how to think better than Mitt Romney.

    Al Gore blames altitude on Obama’s poor debate showing.

    Obama needs to just quit while he is ahead and save himself some embarresment.  A good president has to be like President George W. Bush, no need for teleprompters or speechwriters.  Mitt Romney shoots from the hips and you saw him outmaneuver all of Obama’s bleeding heart radical liberals points in a piecewise fashion.

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