• Atheist Priests Necromance Freddie Mercury and Frank Sinatra, Force Them To Rap!

    October 2, 2012 6:56 pm 27 comments
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  • There is a sect of atheist superscientists named the Ra-aliens.  These highly spirtual atheists use ancient Egypt chant rituals and a mystic technology called ‘sarcophagus’ that’s said to give them the ability to bring life to old neural cells.  Before seeing this following video, I hoped to my heart the existence of these Ra-aliens (literally, RA (Egypt’s false god)) and alien (foreign technology/creature people that scare Americans) was all fake. But now that I see the evidence, I’m terrified and sharing this vital information.

    In this video, you will see that two of the chief atheist scientists, who go by Nice Peter and Epic Pink Lloyd, have brought Frank Sinatra back from the dead.  They have also finally caught the spectre of Freddie Mercury out of Adam Lambert, and placed it back with Mercury’s reanimated brain.  In a cruel turn of fate, they are forcing these two creatures — caught between the spiritual realm and that of our own — into a ‘raps battle’.  The loser will be killed and have his soul sent back to hell, the winner will be allowed to roam the Earth.  It’s so cruel and I even feel bad for Freddie Mercury here.


    Frank Sinatra remains as classy as ever, even after living in limbo for so long.  But listen to Mercury: sassy and ironic, sarcastic and flirty like a cat in heat.  Not even so many years of being passed has extinguished his flamboyant lippiness!  Freddie Mercury uses supernatural powers several times in the video to create multiple copies of himself.  This is why I am so scared of going to YouTube on this computer, because now I bet somehow one of those demons is downloaded into my screen and the antivirus won’t be able to get it out!  I’ve run it twice since starting this report and it keeps reporting zero infections, even though you know there is a demon in it from that video!

    The two atheists in question mock Christians by calling themselves ‘Nice Peter’ and and Epic Pink Lloyd, the former lead singer of rock group Pink Lloyd.  I can only hope they invite me to have a little rap battle with them all, because I may be old but I know a think or two about poetry and these boys need to have their little necromancing rap battle operation brought to the light of morality.

    In the meantime, I will continue to pray for these sinners and hope that they lose the ability to bring back these souls from the dead, to force them into this internet gladiator rap battling on YouTube.

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