• Barack Obama Caught Legitimately Kissing Mitt Romney

    October 16, 2012 11:54 pm 14 comments
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  • Hempstead, New York (ChristWire) – The world is helter skelter after the 2nd presidential debate tonight in Hempstead, New York.  The typically smooth and calculated Mitt Romney was off his game, stabbing President George W. Bush, Jr., in the back and being out-foxed by Obama several times.

    It was clear that all throughout the debate, Mitt Romney was not himself.  He let Obama sucker him into saying he didn’t call the situation in Libya an ‘act of terror’, when Obama clearly did so.  He then let Obama make him seem buddy-buddy with China, out of touch with working class Americans and sexist with the ‘binder of women’ comments.

    Why did we see a different Mitt Romney this week as opposed to last week?  The evidence is to your left.  While both candidates prepared for the debate before everything started, Barack Obama suddenly grabbed Mitt Romney and gave him a deep kiss.

    Shocked, Romney softened and gave into Obama for a good ten seconds before breaking away.  It is quite obvious that Romney was still feeling confused and bewildered by this lip assault after the debates, and quite frankly, Obama should be charged with criminal assault.

    Romney did not ask for this and quite honestly, if this kiss was legitimate Romney wouldn’t have been so flustered and filled up with shame.  The last debate should not count due to this Obama kissing assault on Romney.

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