• BREAKING! Nintendo Produces Pokemon-Catching Camera Device For Wii U

    October 4, 2012 8:00 pm 112 comments
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    This is the last straw for me regarding pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, and Nintendo Studios teaming up together to brainwash our children! They’ve crossed the line with the pokemon creatures. Earlier this afternoon, Nintendo Studios revealed that in addition to the new Wii U device coming out on November, 18th, 2012, that they were max producing a game called, ‘Pokemon Snap U’. Nintendo had a previous version of this game for the earlier model of the Wii called, ‘ Pokemon Snap’.  My research tells me that the graphics for the game are almost unreal and that the pokemon monsters are as life-like as the children would like them to be!


    Screen shop from Pokemon Snap U for the new Wii U

    Nintendo Studios and pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, have been working since the summer of 2010 to produce these very graphics that you see here. Mr. Tajiri also recruited a small handful of communist scientists to perfect the life-like effect on our young children and teen’s eyes. Though the graphics are remarkable, there are flaws such as summoning legendary pokemon such as the newly released pokemon, Keldeo. Those details have yet to be released to the public. The original graphics were a lot more “sketchy”. These can be seen below:

    The Original Graphics, ‘Pokemon Snap U’ for the new Wii U

    This team of trouble is also planning to release yet another pokemon game for the new Wii U called, ‘Pokemon Universe’. This game is much like the other harmful pokemon games with the exception of a new storyline and of course new graphics. My research of this pokemon game led me to a few new pokemon added to the roster of the already existing 700+ pokemon. In this game, the player gets to choose the gender of the character, which is a new feature of the pokemon games. This allows the homogay to pick the gender of female instead of male for more of a “pleasurable” experience for it.

    Pokemon Universe Game for the new Wii U

    I leave you to protect your children and teens from the slobbering, hungry, mouth of the gaming industry and their horrible devices that entice our children and teens. Do the right thing and don’t fund them! God Bless

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