• ChrisTwire’s Christian Review of Minecraft… “Its Daunte’s Ninth Circle of Hell!”

    October 15, 2012 9:39 pm 60 comments
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    If your son or daughter knows how to successfully hack into Minecraft’s explicit pornographic content, then they’ve already descended down the evil path into Daunte’s Ninth Circle of Hell.”

    By Rev. Billy Ray Sunday

    <chrisTwire> ChrisTwire received an email from Jennifer in Flagstaff, AZ, requesting our publication do a thorough assessment and written review on the wildly popular game Minecraft. As one of the most prominent conservative Christian publications in the United States we will sometimes write reviews on extremely popular and trendy TV shows, movies, books, games and so on. Jennifer wrote… “I can’t find any Christian reviews or much more information such as the age level for this game, can you help?”

    For Jennifer and the rest of the chrisTwire flock who seek only to know the Lord’s truths, yes I am honored to do this review at the behest of my editor. So let’s cut to the chase here. Over the past two weeks I’ve been researching the game Minecraft and digging up the dirt on the deviants behind it.

    Minecraft was designed by renowned Swedish pagan idol worshipper and programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, and developed by his company, Mojang. As I suspected the word “Mojang” in the ancient dead language of Aramaic, from the time of Christ translates to “whore of the devil.”

    Jennifer to answer your question; you can download the original 2009 “Vanilla Version” of Minecraft here: https://minecraft.net/download. This version and its updates are family friendly and safe for children.

    Now if you’re buying new or running Minecraft Hardcore and later versions since 2011 then you or your child has already downloaded Minecraft’s adult content to your hard drive. To access this pornographic content you must first find a secret door and enter the correct “hack code…” and your in. These later versions are call the “Black Versions,” by high school hipsters and meth addicted gamers.

    Screen Shot of 16 Year-Old Hacker Logging On to Minecraft’s XXX Platform

    Of course the general public only sees the Vanilla Version of this dangerous and seductive game. The only way to access Black content is to know the location of the correct hidden door and hack code to unlock it. And this information cannot be found by playing the game or anywhere in the game itself.

    Heed my warning friends, if your kids don’t know how to access the explicit XXX-Rated content using keyloggers, “hacks” or “cracks,” (hacker slang for code) all they have to do is Google it. The only question really is how long after they start playing Minecraft will it be before someone lets the cat out of the bag?

    The Dark Side of Minecraft

    Both versions of Minecraft function as a sandbox building independent video game where the user can build their own home, community, cities and so on. And here in lies the problem. User-created digital environments contain whatever the creator wants to include in them.

    Once inside this XXX-Rated format you’ll find a dangerous world of sodomites, NAMbLA members, child rapists & killers, convicts, pedophiles and sexual degenerates all of whom are their to stalk and groom children who visit these user-created environments. This is the dark side of Minecraft not seen by the typical family user and it is a virtual cornucopia of pornography, crime and violence.

    Graphic Images of Genitalia and Explicit Sex Acts Many Depicting Sick Fetishes Like Homosexuality are Easily Accessible by Children

    Mostly I found the adult format to be an endless cesspool of graphic images of genitalia, nipples, bleached gay blowholes, bruised taint and man-ass, exposed female milk sacks, man-sack, diseased high-mileage vagina and all in a setting of the users particular sick-o fetish or fantasy.

    All parents be forewarned! If your son or daughter knows how to successfully hack into Minecraft’s explicit pornographic content, then they’ve already descended down the evil path into Daunte’s Ninth Circle of Hell.

    The creators of these obscene Minecraft environments will next open up teen fan based  chat rooms, forums and black websites (owned and operated by the gay underground) to promote their hidden rape rooms and sex dungeons. Using a fake profile these perverts portray other “teens” (sometimes younger children) who act as “gatekeepers” and give out the locations of these secret doorways, hidden passages, underground chambers and the hack codes needed to unlock them.

    Teens being curious by nature can then enter these user created environments of sin and sodomy thereby sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Kids can now experience orgy rooms such as one called the “Big Red Devil.”

    The Scene From Minecraft’s “Fairy Mod” is Pure Smut

    Another environment was “Fairy Mod,” where a male flasher exposes his erect sin-stick to a room full of winged fairies who in turn flash him their young unspoiled hairless cooters. There is the “Nude & Sex Mod,” where perhaps thousands of environments have been created for just about any sin, passion, desire or fetish anyone could think of.

    One environment called “The Sex Dungeon” features a sadomasochistic torture dungeon depicting naked men and women performing grotesque and graphic sex acts. I observed one brutal rape scene, and sickening perversions like homosexuality and bestiality. One particular scene involved a woman performing oral sex on a man; when the man reaches climax he is seen ejaculating onto the woman’s face and hair. This is no material any child should be exposed too.

    Bestiality is Just One of the Twisted Sex Acts Your Teens Are Exposed Too by The Gay Underground

    These images are both explicit and graphic and leave nothing to the imagination. And sadly brave and virtuous Christian teens are tempted and lured into these sickening stench pits of sin & sodomy daily. Only in a world where unnatural perversions are encouraged, such as in Obama’s America today, do you see open acceptance of homosexuality, bestiality, orgies, sadomasochistic abuse and other twisted acts of perversion.

    Such dangerous and risky exposure to this filth and deviations can often lead to tolerance, open mindedness and acceptance, none of which can be allowed in America as we Christians are forced to wage war daily against evil non-Christian influences as we work tirelessly to restore God in the White House, in our schools, our homes and in our communities.

    Our church, the Rock of Ages Holiness Church of Signs Following in Forkland, Alabama is hosting a Minecraft Game Burning this Saturday evening. We will build a bon-fire and sing Christian hymns while burning every Minecraft game we can get our hands on. I hope you parents will pass the word to your neighbors and friends and help get this unholy smut out of the hands of innocent children.

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    Rev. Billy Ray Rev. Billy Ray Sunday is 3rd generation preacher. He lives in Forkland, AL and is a journalist for chrisTwire.com.

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