• Clark Kent Quits Daily Planet, Is This Type of Thing Really Necessary?

    October 24, 2012 8:02 pm 2 comments
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  • Comics are to be the thing of escapism, wonderful tales of heroes helping everyday people overcome obstacles of fear and terror. When moral America created the comics code authority, there was a major opportunity for this American-invented medium of entertainment to truly inspire the hearts and minds of future generations.

    But there is a problem with comics in recent years. Instead of simply being stories of fun and imagination, comics have turned instead into fantasies from liberals rabid with their desire to bite and gain attention of anyone through their painful, constant need to politicize anything and everything.

    In the latest Superman comic, Clark Kent, the alternate identity for Superman of childhood lore, becomes so frustrated with the world of journalism that he quites. That’s right, in the 90s it was death and mullets for Superman. We thought it could not get any worse but now we find that it can. The death of ethos for Superman, respresented by the fact that Clark Kent quits.

    Several years ago, Marvel made the mistake of having Captain America be killed to prove that America had become a ‘bad place’ under the presidency of President Bush. Now apparently, the big kahunas at DC Comics think they should use an iconic figure like Superman to take cheap jabs at modern journalists.

    It would be one thing of DC comics were upset with MSNBC or Huffington Post, but we know they are targetting Forbes.com and Fox News, great organizations that really know how to run a tight ship in regard to journalistic integrity. So as it stands, children around the world will now understand that Superman stands for quitter and that if you don’t like something, whine and run away.

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