• Emma Watson To Do Nude Scenes for Fifty Shades of Grey

    October 27, 2012 5:39 am 14 comments
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  • Only one year ago, I wrote the thrilling expose ‘How Did Harry Potter Turn Emma Watson into devilwhore?

    Down in my soul, I have always craved to bring Emma Watson into my home and rear her correctly.  It takes a strong, firm yet gentle hand to guide and direct a young life, so corrupted by Hollywood.

    But despite all my efforts, much like with Miley J. Cyrus, Emma Watson never responded to my warnings to come live with me, so I could pray and have her healed of all the sins put into her.  She needed to be cleansed from the inside and out, because when you start seeing a woman getting lesbian haircuts, having oopsies moments with her milksacks for the reporters, followed up by doing poopy squat poses to even intice gays to lust for her flesh, you know there is going to be trouble.

    Then, when you add to that, the fact that Emma Watson allowed everyone a glimpse of her furry clamdabbler and had no shame or remorse, it’s even more heartbreaking to see what Hollywood can do to youth.

    I hate being a journalist today, because breaking bad news like this is never fun.  I know many of you men out there will cry and it’s okay.  The women’s lesbian film “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the story of Anderson Cooper, a gay silverdady who lures young men and women from fresh marriages and corrupts them with nighttime shame temptations, will feature Emma Watson as the main character.  We have just learned that Emma Watson has agreed to not only do all her scenes nude, but also let Anderson Cooper stick his Satan Scepter into her fertile sin hole, live on the movie screen.

    It breaks my heart this is happening and when the movie is revealed, I will have to pray many times before going to see it so I can warn you about how it will ruin your marriage and lead your college aged children unto temptation.  Reverend Taylor who broke this story to me will be joining me, and it will be a night of tears, greasy buttery popcorn hands and kleenex at the theater. Let’s pray for this little vixen before it’s too late.  She can still turn her life around and attend when of my winter youth camps, so maybe we can all lay prostate before the Lord and get deep into the type of prayer and meditation that will have her shamed for even accepting such a role as this.

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