• Giant Crab Monster Tests Mitt Romney For Power Over The USA

    October 13, 2012 6:11 pm 22 comments
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  • My most loyal friends,

    Mitt Romney has been challenged by the communists most recent invention, Giant Crabs, fighting for control over the good old USA. Mitt Romney being the fair patriot he is has risen to the challenge and taken on the commies and their silly animal invention. The brawl between Mitt Romney and the Giant Crab began early Friday morning in Zeta, California. Luckily when the giant crab commie monster crab walked itself onto the 405 Mitt Romney was there to save the day before anyone was harmed. It is safe to say that no one was hurt durning the attack, or at least nothing more than some bruises and scratches from flying debris.






    Mitt Romney arming himself with a meer briefcase for defense against the giant crab monster


    Mitt Romney and his choice for vice president, Paul Ryan, believe that it is perfectly fine to Rape young women. This is something I do disagree with most of the time. But in this case I am happy to report that Gov. Mitt Romney ‘raped’ the heck out of that commie monster crab. Once again, no one was seriously injured during this attack by the commies.

    Mitt Romney was there for us this time. What if he was there for us all the time. Vote Mitt Romney this November, folks.

    God Bless

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