• Hurricane Sandy Is A Result of Homosexuality; Proof That Obama’s Time Is Up.

    October 30, 2012 11:52 pm 39 comments
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  • by Mark E. Figs

    This man, on his way to a Gay Negroes for Obama rally, smiled at our photographers and said “Obama’s giving me a phone.”

    The days of President Homeboy are numbered. With hurricane Sandy’s path of destruction came the clear-cut sign from God that he is tired of our immoral, homosex-abetting ways and that a great change is coming in a few days.

    I’m not much of a literature man — the Bible and Jack London novels are all I really need, but I’ll be darned if this hurricane didn’t serve as a foreshadowing of the greater tragedies that are to occur if we allow our “Ghetto Fab” commander-in-chief continue to destroy the godly principles on which this country was built!

    This couldn’t have happened at a better time. A week before the election and the sin capital of the world, the same lusty, whore-mongering place of homosexual sodomy, NEW YORK CITY is struck by a devastating hurricane? A page right out of God’s screenwriting handbook. A scene meant to reflect his extreme displeasure with our lax liberal lifestyle. A scene written by a master director that helps show us the error of our ways; to eliminate the black (literally and figuratively) from our hearts.

    If you hearken back to the days of Noah, you realize that our Lord promised not to destroy mankind with a flood ever again. But he can dang sure warn us!

    The facts are staring us in the face. We’ve become too comfortable, too comfortable in sin. We allow this foreign  God-hating backworld Muslim impregnate our constitutional values with Sharia law and other Islamic sorcery and sit idly by.

    We let the gay homosexuals prance around in the streets, kissing each other and “docking” onto one another’s penises and vulva, all the while passing out dangerous marijuana to other youths so that they might become addicted to this horrible drug and begin to experiment sexually with penises and exhibit same-sex attraction.

    We let the blacks sit around and sap our Federal reserve monies to put rims on their cars and support their numerous ill-behaved children. We brought this upon ourselves. Our reluctance to stand up and say “I BELIEVE IN GOD AND WILL HONOR HIS WILL” has pumped this poison through the heart of our glorious America.

    So, now that God has made it clear that it’s time for the Muslim to go back to his foreign-dwelling place and take Al-Qaeda with him, who will you vote for? Keep in mind that this is one of the most important decisions of our lifetime. A chance to right the wrongs that President Homeboy has made and done to our economy, social landscape and American way of life.

    I will stand tall, like I did in New York on Monday and scream to the skies, “I AM A WARRIOR. I WILL LET GOD COME INSIDE OF ME. I WILL FEEL HIM FILL ME UP, AND SWALLOW HIS TRUTHS.” Let God’s love wash over you. Let his gentle hands bathe you in the righteous waters of salvation.

    Sandy was a sign that the days of welfare-abusing black homosexual Muslims are coming to an end. We’re destined for beautiful things, as per God’s plan and come November 6th, that plan will be set in motion.

    Mark E. Figs is an award winning cook and author of over several episodes of “BibleMan” including the Emmy-winning episode, “BibleMan Smells A Rape.”


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