• Justin Bieber Diagnosed With Leukemia Cancer BaldForBieber

    October 27, 2012 12:54 am 4 comments
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  • One of our old sparring buddies has had a tragic turn in his health: Justin Bieber, the crooner we’ve fought so hard against for every year of his popularity, has succumbed to cancer. Justin Bieber has leukemia. Today, much like we did along with our buddies at Fox News after it was announced Michael Jackson was dead, we want to be nice to Bieber for today and ride out this media storm of feel good stories and pandering to his…wonderful…fans.

    This horrific story first came to our attention when Justin Timberlake, founder of the new Myspace, posted this to his Twitter feed:


    Sure, in the past, I’ve accused Justin Bieber of many things.  But it was all in love and hope that my preaching would help bring him closer to being saved and helping parents keep their daughter away from his pregnancy inducing lyrics.

    But now, it’s a time of healing and prayer.  I hope Justin Bieber pulls through all of this and turns his life to Christ.  It’d be so great to have Ushers little groomed Darth Lord turn to the holy light of morality.




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