• Liberals Claim Fake Storm Photos For Hurricane Sandy To Deny God’s Power

    October 30, 2012 8:30 pm 17 comments
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  • Don't fall for these fake storm photos. Here, this photo is actually a manipulation of the Statue of Liberty photo and a 2004 photograph of a supercell thunderstorm in Nebraska  (Trending Now)

    In this terrifying photograph, you can see God’s anger for New York revealed.  Liberals are trying to claim this photograph is fake and that Hurricane Sandy did not happen, so that we cannot fearmonger and say this hurricane is just a taste of what will happen if Barack Obama is voted into office.

    Friends, God is just giving us a clear sign. Atheists love to always say, “If God is real, why does he not show himself.” God showed you just a little showering of what he can do if you continue to make him mad.

    God once wiped out the entire Earth during the time of Noah because there was too much 1) liberalism 2) non-God fearing atheists 3) communism/socialism 4) homosexuality.

    New York is showing all these symptoms of disease, much like the ancient world and as warned in the Bible, God does not take kindly and will cleanse the sickness. Since God promised he won’t flood the entire Earth again, we know that won’t happen. But he said nothing about a city and the photos show the true power of our Lord!

    McDonald’s may be super size, but even the corporation cannot escape the power of God!

    In the next image, look at the angel of death take the form of a dark storm cloud to scare everyone!

    Sharks patrol the waters!


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