• Mitt Romney Knocks Obama Out In Debates

    October 17, 2012 12:40 am 86 comments
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    Just like when Rocky knocked out Apollo “Mohammad Ali” Creed, tonight we saw our good ol’ boy Mitt Romney deliver the knock out blow to Obama’s hotwinded campaign.  The best way to knock a hot air balloon out of the sky is to beat all the hot air out of it, and that’s exactly what we saw good Mitt Romney doing tonight.

    Channeling the brilliance of Reagan, Mitt Romney easily proved why the Middle Class of America needs to let our jobs go to China.  Simply put, the more American jobs we can send to China, the cheaper everything becomes to buy.  Whoever cries over this is part of the worthless, uneducated 47% percent who need to get out of our country!

    Obama’s chorus of ‘uhs’ could not be heard through the melody of Romney’s delivery to the audience and all the applause they were giving to him, especially over Obama’s inability to explain why he let Libyan terrorists attack our country without declaring war on them or Iraq again.  Or what a perfect opportunity this would have been blame everything on Iran and finally give them some war and get some nice cheap oil.

    The final presidential debate is on Monday.  Hopefully by Tuesday, everyone will know which way to vote so by December Mitt Romney can stop pretending to care about women, minorities and all the other people who obviously aren’t going to help repair this nation.


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