• PLUR Stands for Phallic Lancing Until Release, 80% Raver Women Pregnant at 2012 EDM Halloween Parties

    October 30, 2012 10:30 am 33 comments
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  • As lurid and tense raver women danced to an opening act outside, DeadmauS aka “The Lord of the Rave” and Captain Black Sparrow, prepare to use Satanic Emulated Electronic Dance Music (SEED’M) that can make everyone’s bodily sinholes loose and compliant, a living form of quualudes and Uncle Tweety Flipper’s Liquid LSD that kicked in at 4th annual Halloween Resistance Rave.

    P.L.U.R. stands for Phallic Lancing Until Release, a staple component of what happens at every single rave on Earth.  When parents and husbands let their college aged daughters and wives go to these wild rave concerts, they don’t expect that within a few weeks a pregnancy will occur.  But the statistics do not lie:  over 80% of women who attend an Electronic Dance Music rave will find their bellies full of baby, shocked parents crying, proud husbands believing they are the father.  The truth is that these ‘raver babies’ usually have no known father, and that’s the main problem with America today.

    Deadmau5 is the most prolific of raver DJs.   Adorning his head with a futuristic Mickey Mouse helmet, his iconic persona is only outdone by the impossibly complex music he’s able to produce.  Unlike the layman Skrillex, whose mediocre beats and chord progressions are limited by Fruityloops 5.1 standard templates and Audacity, software that challenges the capabilities of his Apple computer, Deadmau5′ music sounds as if Satan himself were summoned to provide turntable expertise.

    To understand why Deadmau5 and raves are so dangerous, it is important to remember that Satan is the greatest musician of all time.  The Bible warns a story of how in old days, God promoted Satan to become the Minister of Music, an exalted position of influence and circumstance.  When done right, music can move the heart and soul.  Music controls how one will act and think in life.  But Satan sought to use the power of music for evil, to become exalted and above God.  And in a great display of power, God reached his hand back and slapped Satan into hell, far beneath the surface of Earth.

    But now, however, Satan has found a way back and once again seeks a congregation.  He’s making his new recruiting grounds the dancefloor of these rave halls, his pied piper none other than this DeadmauS and lesser EDM djs.

    Before getting into the music, it’s first important for parents and husbands to understand the vernacular behind these raver events.

    P.L.U.R. – This term stands for Phallic Lancing Until Release.  At raves, men are encouraged to take lengthening pills that will render their sinsnakes rigid for hours on end.  Raver women are referred to as hipsters, modern day hippies, because at a rave it’s understood that any man can grab a woman by the hips and ‘phallic lance until release’.  This means he can deposit his seed and all women attending raves will sign consent forms allowing this to happen, again and again.  This is why women always dress so skimpy at these events, so that once her hips are grabbed, she’s easy to access to the man can ‘P.L.U.R.

    Satanic Emulated Electric Dance Music (SEED’M) – SEED’M literally means ‘to seed them’.  This is in reference to how many fatherless pregnancies are to blame on raves.  For every 10 women who attend a rave, 8 will become pregnant.  Is this a stat you want to find happening to your wife or daughter?   Much like easy listening music that plays in stores can get you festive and in the mood to spend, the pulsating, driving music at a rave confuses the brain and stimulates the dopamine pleasure center.  Add in all the drugs present, it makes everyone there in the mood to slither around and within each other.  Pregancy will happen.

    RESIST – Releasing Energies of Satan Into Squirming Torsos.   Music is a form of energy.  In his demon form, Satan is actually in a state of flux between particle and energy state.  In essence, Satan can exist as raw energy, therefore,Satan can actually exist and manifest as music.  Isn’t that terrifying?  When your child is listening to music  and they start to dance, it could be that Satan is seeping into their ears and therefore their body in the form of music.  The squirming of their torsos in odd, sexualized ways just means Satan is having his way with them, making them do lurid dances to cause others in their proxy to fall into a state of sin.

    RESIST is a play on words.  If someone is wearing a shirt or sticker that says RESIST, it means they are expert at using this horribly scary music to gather large crowds and make them dance, as Satan’s energy manifest is revealed as bright lights, driving bass and confusing melodies of robotic noises.

    Cover Photo

    Paraphenelia that many infected youths are seen wearing today, indicating that they are expert in controlling Satanic energies via music, lights and dance.

    When Satanic energies are released within city limits, as what happened in Hollywood two years ago, we see that even suburban mothers and police can fall victim.

    If you find yourself face to face with a raver or someone listening to Deadmau5, Skrillex, Afrojacks, DJ Foxxy, D-Virus, Bassnectar, or the worst, DJ Paris Hilton, please immediately run away and find somewhere to pray as you call your local authorities.  Satan will be summoned at every rave and rest assured, there is no womb safe from pregnancy within.  It matters not if a traditional womb or a backside bottom womb, all are in danger of phallic lancing once the music starts.

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