• Pokemon Black and White 2, The Most Harmful Gaming Anime Of All Time

    October 3, 2012 1:05 am 72 comments
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  • My Dearest Comrades:

    Let me begin by saying that the pokemon series via the cartoon and video games have gone on way too long! As a matter of fact they’ve been on now for over twenty years! That’s way too long for those communist cartoonists to bathe our children’s brains in their horrible monster summons on the television. The Japanese continue to sneak in the little things that they think us adults don’t notice! I did some of research on the matter of what the pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, tried to sneak into the new Pokemon Black and White 2 games coming out on October, 7th, 2012. This is what I found out:


    The Pokemon creator, Satoshi Tajiri, is teaming up with the magically evil people of Nintendo Studios. He is combining one of the tools used in the pokemon games known as a pokedex. This seems to be a glossary of some kind to categorize, organize, and update information for the 700 some odd pokemon creatures. Nintendo Studios has created a pokedex for their handheld system, the 3DS/3DSXL (You know for the larger of children who’d crush a regular sized one). This is a pokedex improvement sort of speak. In this version of the pokedex, the player gets to hunt down and actually shoot the pokemon creatures. Unbelievable, right? Mr. Tajiri says that the version on the 3DS/3DSXL will give the player more interaction with the creatures and form a bond with them so that they can be friends forever. The only friends that the children need to form a long-lasting bond with is a dog or other humans. Not some make-believe creatures that will betray them with the devil tricks!

    The pokemon creator also decided to throw in a new legendary summon. It would seem it is inspired by the Bronie population of the homogays and clamdabblers. The legendary summon, Keldeo, is a pokemon that can be summoned through the player in time of need when his health is low or he is near defeat in a battle against another trainer.

    Bronie Keldeo

    It is clear to me when I look at this Bronie inspired pokemon, that it wants some anal attention. I do apologize for the swearing, but let’s get real here. Pokemon is teaching our children that it is perfectly fine to be a clamdabbling homogay Bronie! I don’t think Pokemon are safe, especially if they’re taking in Bronies and calling them as their own! I would strongly advise parents to sell the games and video cassette tapes of the cartoon to your local game shop and get your money back and invest in a good college education for your children and teens!

    The Nintendo Studios team collaborated in their meeting rooms for a new roster for the new pokemon Black and White 2 games. One of these pokemon creatures clearing reflects the clamdabbler stereotype. Please, allow me to explain this deranged pokemon:

    Butch pokemon, Tornadas

    This pokemon is called, Tornadas. It is a clamdabbling Butch pokemon. As you can see it looks a little bit bird-like with some strange qualities, But let me shed some holy light unto the beast you see. Let’s start with the head of the beast. The hair of this strange pokemon is white to signify that it is aged and old. A normal trait for something so fiendish. The face has the aged hair above the mouth to mimic a moustache of a male, but one quick glance at the eyes and eyebrows of this creature and it would see that the lashing eyebrows would be something you’d find on a lady. It would seem, for now, that this pokemon is a transvestite of some kind. The evidence continues to the chest of the beast. There marked clearly are two patches of pink to lead us to believe that those are chesticles and if you look closely, which I do not recommend, you can see the cleavage of the milk sacks. The mighty wings would be the mighty arms of the clamdabbling butch. ready to swing them wildly to protect the partner it captured in an alleyway. Moving onward to the most shocking part of the evidence. The red/orange marking is in the place of what I would call, ” the muscle crotch”. As you can see this pokemon is begging other pokemon like it to come and dabble in the fishy-smelling, toothed clam. That would conclude the evidence of the clamdabbling butch pokemon, Tornadas.

    Let me be honest with you parents and grandparents out there who are considering buying the pokemon Black and White 2 games for your children, teens, and grandchildren; Don’t. Do not buy these games for them. The Japanese communists want this to happen so they can brainwash your kids into doing what they want.

    Pokemon Black and White 2 game cases

    So remember, protect our children from the communist rage and don’t buy the pokemon games, Black and White 2! God Bless.

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